Image Suzanne Beishon

Image Suzanne Beishon   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

‘Work like Chinese’

The bosses’ politicians are not content with working us till we drop (see left below). Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt wants desperate people in Britain driven to the extremes of super-exploited Chinese workers.

He says tax credit cuts (see left above) will make us “work hard in the way that Asian economies are prepared to work hard”. So hard, in fact, that Chinese electronics sweatshop Foxconn had to install nets to catch suicidal workers.

Six million workers in Britain earn less than a living wage. Over 200 million workers in China live below the poverty line. Top bankers responsible for tanking the economy in both countries take home billions in bonuses.

When bosses want bankers to work harder, they pay them more. But when they want us to work harder, they pay us less.

Plane unfair

Live near an airport? Fed up with aeroplanes ruining your sleep? There is an easy solution: simply become a royal.

The Department for Transport has imposed a no-fly zone over Prince William and Kate Middleton’s home in Norfolk for security reasons. Only emergency services will be allowed to pass over the ten-bedroom mansion, a wedding gift from the queen.

For the rest of us, high noise pollution has been linked to a 10 to 20% higher chance of cardiovascular disease.

And official figures from 2011 say over 1.1 million households have fewer bedrooms than they need. That’s to say nothing of unofficial subletting and couch surfing as hard-pressed renters struggle with the housing crisis.

'Sorry no poor people' sign outside Brick Lane Coffee, photo Facebook

‘Sorry no poor people’ sign outside Brick Lane Coffee, photo Facebook   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

‘Sorry no poor people’

Yuppie cafe Brick Lane Coffee was spotted with the above sign on its door. Owner Adrian Jones claims it was “graffitied” by anti-gentrification protesters. But the snobbish java joint has form – an earlier chalkboard read “Please don’t feed the crackies”. Overpriced luxury businesses aimed at high earners push up prices in newly ‘trendy’ working class areas, contributing to social cleansing.

'Please don't feed the crackies' sign outside Brick Lane Coffee, photo Twitter

‘Please don’t feed the crackies’ sign outside Brick Lane Coffee, photo Twitter   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)