TGI Friday workers marching on the TUC demo, 12.5.18, photo by Paul Mattsson

TGI Friday workers marching on the TUC demo, 12.5.18, photo by Paul Mattsson   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

TGI Fridays strike

Workers at TGI Fridays restaurants in Milton Keynes and Covent Garden, London, will take their first ever strike action on 18 May in a dispute over tips and minimum wage abuses which could cost waiting staff £250 a month in lost wages.

The Unite the Union members voted 100% on a 75% turnout to walk out. The strike will be the first in a series of 24-hour strikes over consecutive Fridays during the summer.

The dispute arose when the company introduced a new tipping policy with only two days’ notice, which would see money earned by the waiting staff redirected to top up the low wages of kitchen staff. This was driven by the need to stop the high turnover of kitchen staff.

The move means waiting staff can lose up to £65 a week from their wage packets. There are further industrial action ballots at four more restaurants currently underway, and more planned.

Cleaners action

Cleaners at Kensington and Chelsea town halls – all of who are migrant workers and members of the United Voices of the World trade union – are set to strike for the London Living Wage of £10.20 an hour. They are currently only paid the minimum, poverty wage of £7.83 an hour.

Stay tuned for strike dates and solidarity actions! Once again low paid migrant and precarious workers are taking the fight to the bosses! See

Wilmington walkout

Unison members at FCC Wilmington, who ended their two-week strike on 14 May, voted to strike for a further one month in the immediate future.

Please send messages of support to Adrian Kennett (secretary of Hull Unison) and Mick Whale (secretary of Hull Trades Council).