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6 March 2019

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Hundreds of Tamils protest against death-threat brigadier

Tamil Solidarity and Socialist Party members call for action against death-threat brigadier Priyanka Fernando, 1.3.19, photo by London Socialist Party

Tamil Solidarity and Socialist Party members call for action against death-threat brigadier Priyanka Fernando, 1.3.19, photo by London Socialist Party   (Click to enlarge)

Ketheswaran Sritharan, Tamil Solidarity

The case against Sri Lankan brigadier Priyanka Fernando, the war criminal who made death threats against Tamil protesters, has been adjourned to 15 March. Tamil Solidarity members organised a protest outside Westminster Magistrates' Court on 1 March.

Socialist Party members joined protesters in their hundreds to show both the British and Sri Lankan governments that Tamils will not be silenced. The event was filled with loud chants: "arrest, arrest - Priyanka Fernando" - "release, release - political prisoners" - "defend the right to protest!"

Tamil Solidarity also had members in the hearing to report on the case. The court has decided that Fernando cannot use diplomatic immunity as a defence.

Magistrates now need to decide whether his summons was served in time and in the appropriate manner. The court therefore has adjourned for the prosecution to submit all evidence of the summons sent to the Sri Lankan government.

The court has also noted that a previous hearing found the defendant guilty on two counts - but has concluded this was only one alleged offence, and not two.

There was an alarming update for Tamil activists and all protesters when the judge listed the duties of the former defence attaché. One was to document activists who might be working against the interests of the Sri Lankan government.

Tamils' right to self-determination has been a big no-no for every government in Sri Lanka. This clearly shows the Sri Lankan ruling class is on a witch-hunt.

Tamil Solidarity defends the right to protest, and calls for a conviction against the brigadier.

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