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Georgia de la Bertauche, Northampton Socialist Party

On 27 October, West Northamptonshire Council held a “spatial options consultation”, a convoluted way for the local council to describe the housing crisis. It was promoted as an opportunity for the community to get involved with decisions.

Unfortunately, it was a one-way presentation. There was no option to ask questions or engage in a discussion.

It would be more appropriate for the council to work cohesively with the local community by refusing to implement central government cuts. Northampton Socialist Party and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) are working with trade unionists in bakers’ union BFAWU and local groups such as Togetherness and Northants Save Our Services.

With the community’s help, TUSC is creating a zero-cuts budget. We will be present it as an alternative to the anti-working-class strategies proposed by the Tory council.

We are campaigning for a massive council house building programme in suitable areas, with adequate parking and democratic consideration of local needs. Northampton TUSC’s People’s Budget conference is 7:30 pm, Monday 29 November, Abington Community Centre, New Hall.