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The case for socialism (2013 version)

Socialist Party books and pamphlets

The case for socialism (2013 version)


The Socialist newspaper

The Socialist, the weekly paper of the Socialist Party, is a vital tool for all activists, trade unionists, workers and young people.

It carries reports of struggles around the country and the world, socialist analysis, details of Socialist Party activities and most importantly outlines a strategy and programme for fighting for an alternative to the cuts and misery of capitalism.

Our 'reporters' are working class and young people taking part in the struggle. We report on the stories the mainstream press won't touch - the battle between workers and the bosses.

The Socialist shares experiences, debates and lessons from this battle and plays an important role on the front line of the movement against austerity. Subscribe today to get the Socialist delivered to your door every week.


Socialism Today

Socialism Today is the monthly magazine of the Socialist Party, providing up-to-date analysis, from a socialist perspective, of events in Britain and internationally.

Contemporary events, the crisis in global capitalism, workers' movements, women's rights, anti-racist campaigns, environmental issues, can all be found in our pages.

The magazine discusses key ideological and political issues, covers Marxist theory and history, and reviews books, films and art.


Socialist Books

socialist books aims to make the writings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and other socialists available as easily as possible to those involved in the struggle to change society.

We provide books for local Socialist Party stalls and produce free listings of books and pamphlets, which can also be ordered direct through our mail order service.

Many of these titles can be viewed and ordered speedily on www.leftbooks.co.uk Unlisted titles and discounted bulk orders can be ordered through the Miscellaneous book sales payment form here: www.socialistparty.org.uk/books/publications.html



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