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The Socialist 22 February 2002

Blair - the Bosses' Puppet

spotBlair - the Bosses' Puppet

Mittal scandal exposes sleazy Labour: NEW LABOUR came to power in 1997 promising to clean up politics. This empty promise was never going to be realised - New Labour had made another, more serious, promise to the City of London and the unelected

spotStrike for the full claim: Support Postal Workers

THE POSTAL workers' union CWU is negotiating with Royal Mail management for a 5% pay rise. The negotiations are against the background of a 64% majority in favour of strike action.

spotTrade Unions' Leftward Move Worries Blair

BOB CROW'S election as general secretary of the rail workers' union RMT is good news for railworkers and all trade union activists

spotTime To Break Unions' Links With Labour

IN THE Guardian (19 February) anti-capitalist commentator George Monbiot declared that: "The Confederation of British Industry, which does not give the [Labour] party a penny, swings far more weight with Tony Blair than all the hard-earned millions scraped together by the people whom Labour is supposed to represent."

spotLeft Victory In Northern Ireland Union

THE LEFT has won an historic victory in elections for the executive of Northern Ireland's largest trade union NIPSA

spotSocialist Party Congress 2002

Britain: Growing anger at capitalism: THE CONGRESS of the Socialist Party on 16-18 February brought together 250 delegates and visitors, with a wealth of experience in trade union work, in building the party, in campaigns amongst young people and international campaigns

spotRevolt From Below At Berlusconi's Attacks: Thousands march in Rome

THE WORKERS and young people of Italy are locked in a mighty battle with the right-wing Berlusconi government, writes a CWI member, Rome.

spotLinking Up The Workers' Struggles

CWI MEMBER Dimitri Silveira from Brazil spoke at the meeting of the Inter-Barrial Assemblea Popular of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 17 February

22 February 2002