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The Socialist 10 May 2002

Step Up the Fight for Socialism

spotStep Up the Fight for Socialism

THE SOCIALIST Party scored two brilliant victories in the local elections in England. Dave Nellist and Ian Page were both re-elected as councillors, Dave in Coventry and Ian in Lewisham, London

spotKick Out the BNP

THE GAIN of three Burnley council seats by the neo-Nazi British National Party (BNP) has sent shock-waves through Britain. The BNP is an anti-working class fascist party, writes A Youth Against Racism in Europe (YRE) member.

spotFrance - the Tasks Facing the Left

LE PEN'S crushing defeat in the second round of France's presidential election has shown the real balance of forces in France today, writes Robert Bechert.

spotMassive Anti-Fascist Protests in France

ACCORDING TO the police about 1.3 million French people demonstrated on May Day against Le Pen and the Front National, writes Geert Cool, LSP/MAS Belgium..

spotLocal Elections 2002: Highest Ever Socialist Party Votes

SOCIALIST PARTY candidates Ian Page and Sam Dias scored their highest ever votes in Telegraph Hill ward, writes Mick Suter, election agent. Reports on elections in Lewisham, Coventry and Burnley

spotOrganise Against the Nazis

SOCIALIST PARTY members should move resolutions against the BNP through their trade union organisations

10 May 2002