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The Socialist 7 March 2003

Action Now to Stop Bush & Blair's War

spotAction Now To Stop Bush & Blair's War

WHILE BUSH and Blair go through the charade of weapons inspections, the 'undeclared' war against Iraq has already begun

spotFirefighters Demand A Living Wage

"MORE MONEY for the war machine! Gordon Brown has indicated that he will make more money available 'so that the Armed Forces are properly equipped for whatever lies ahead'. What about proper equipment

spotMass Action needed to stop War

THE HUGE parliamentary revolt last week against Blair's war plans was all the more remarkable given that the Tory party officially lined up behind Blair and the payroll vote of Labour ministers and parliamentary secretaries - Blair's Human Shield - were obliged to vote for the government's motion

spotSchool and College Student Action Friday 7th March

A number of successful student actions took place today, organised by ISR. News of walk-outs and protests are still being received, and will be covered more fully in the forthcoming The Socialist. They

spotBush's Bribes And Dirty Tricks

DESPITE SOME hefty arm twisting and dangling a $30 billion carrot in front of Turkey's political leaders, a US plan to use that country's military bases to launch a northern invasion of Iraq has come unstuck

spotA New Alternative To New Labour?

ON 3 March a meeting entitled "Where is New Labour going?" took place in London. Around 500 attended, predominantly left activists. This meeting marked a significant development in the positions of all

spotAnti-War Reports

IN LEICESTER, young people are ready to join the strike against the war at both Universities and several schools around the city, School Students And Students write.

spotInternational Women's Day

TO CELEBRATE International Women's Day (8 March), the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) - the socialist International which the Socialist Party in England and Wales is affiliated to - is organising a speaking tour by Titi Rasheed of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) in Nigeria.

spotGeneral Strike In Algeria

TUESDAY 25 February. Thousands of factories had to close down; the sky was without planes, the streets without public transport, banks and offices were closed, the printing presses of the daily papers

spotSSP Conference: Scottish Socialists Debate The Way Forward

THE 2003 Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) conference met recently against the backdrop of a likely war in Iraq and two months before the Scottish parliament elections

7 March 2003