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The Socialist 10 May 2007

Workers need a political voice

spot Conference for a working class alternative

spot Blair's departure: Curtain falls on disastrous reign

spot Workers need a political voice

Socialist Party election analysis

spot Time for a new workers' party

Campaign for a New Workers Party

CNWP conference

Campaign for a New Workers' Party conference

Saturday 12 May 12 - 5 pm

University College London, Gower Street.

To register or find out more visit

Speakers include:

Ricky Tomlinson - actor and Shrewsbury Two Campaign

Chris Baugh - PCS assistant general secretary

Dave Nellist - Socialist Party councillor

Mel Mills - Huddersfield parent - campaigning against the closure of local nurseries and standing in the 3 May elections against cuts and privatisation.

Tony Mulhearn - Liverpool 47

spot How we can fight to build a new workers' party

Socialist Party NHS campaign

spot Save Maudsley emergency clinic now!

Socialist Party news and analysis

spot Escaping Maggie Thatcher's glare

spot Salford: Tenants oppose stock transfer

International socialist news and analysis

spot France: preparing for a "third round" on the streets

spot Turkey: "No to coups, no to sharia"

spot Musharraf hangs on in Pakistan while poverty and oppression multiplies

Socialist Party election campaign

spot Strong support for the Socialist Party in Coventry

spot Huddersfield: Support for NHS campaign cuts across Labour lies

spot Wales: Labour's worst result

spot Scottish Elections: Labour rocked as SNP wins

Socialist Party workplace news

spot PCS: Unity against low pay

spot One big rail union?

10 May 2007