The Socialist

The Socialist 13 September 2007

Fighting Unions Need a New party

spot Fighting Unions Need a New party

spot Postal workers: "We have the power!"

spot TUC conference: Standing up to Brown's attacks

spot Needed: a combative trade union movement

War and terrorism

spot Iraq: Get the troops out now

Workplace news and events

spot Tube workers' strike scores victory

spot Bosses get away with murder

Socialist Party NHS campaign

spot Nurses strike

spot Manchester cuts maternity services

spot Leeds - no more deficits and cuts

APEC summit

spot APEC summit: Thousands defy police crackdown

Socialist Party news and analysis

spot Overcrowded prisons, overworked staff

spot Keeping tabs on the millions?

spot A life of debt and poverty?

Socialist Party feature

spot Tory party struggles to recapture territory taken by New Labour

International news and analysis

spot Impressions of China

Socialist Party review

spot Robert Blincoe - a life that illuminates an age

13 September 2007