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The Socialist 6 December 2007

System change not climate change

spot System change not climate change

spot Feature: The free market brings fire, flood and famine

spot For decent public transport!

Workplace news and analysis

spot DWP strike: Fighting low pay

spot Socialists and the trade union leaderships

What we think

spot Labour's funding scandal

spot How New Labour got hooked

spot Grayscale


spot No to academy schools!

spot Compulsory school to 18 - a rosy future for young people?

spot Child poverty rises

spot Rail fares unfair

International socialist news and analysis

spot Chavez referendum result a big setback

spot Annapolis - a framework for further conflict

spot Intelligence on Iran wrong

spot Disunited Russia

spot Italy: transport strike

spot Kosova: After the elections - before the explosion

spot Northern Ireland classroom assistants

spot Argos strike in southern Ireland

spot South African miners strike over safety

Socialist Party review

spot The socialist review: 'Taking Liberties'

Post Office and CWU

spot Keep the 'people's Post Office' public

spot CWU ballot result

Workplace news

spot Unison's right wing still witch-hunting

spot Save Cadbury jobs!

spot Manchester's striking mental health workers: Defending trade union rights

6 December 2007