The Socialist

The Socialist 8 July 2008

Striking back against low pay

spot Striking back against low pay

Campaign for a New Workers Party

spot The working class needs its own party

spotCNWP conference: Wanted - a new mass workers' party

Special Feature: "Waste not, want not"! Gordon Brown's patronising and insulting advice to people struggling to make ends meet is not going to go down well. Yet again he puts the blame for the economic crisis on working people...

Socialist Party news and analysis

spot UK economy sliding into recession

spot Rich get richer: Why should we pay the price!

spot MP backs student fees campaign

spot Bonuses for chiefs, pay restraint for civil service workers

spot Government lies on public-sector pay

spot High farce from Boris Johnson

spot G8 leaders' 'world hunger' banquet

spot On the other side of the financial divide...

Socialist Party NHS campaign

spot Defend the NHS!

spot Property deals threaten private nursing homes

spot Cancer vaccines: who decides?

Marxist analysis: history

spot Terry Fields: A socialist voice that rocked Whitehall

Socialist Party LGBT

spot Marching against homophobia & racism

Socialist Party workplace news

spot Argos warehouse workers vote to strike

spot DWP strikes bring talks

spot National Shop Stewards Network Conference: Organising migrant workers

spot A day in the life of a call centre worker

spot Call centre charter: A framework for workers' rights

spot RMT conference discusses crisis of political representation

Shop Workers' Union Usdaw

spot Socialist stands for Usdaw general secretary

8 July 2008