The Socialist

The Socialist 3 December 2008

Fight back now against job cuts

Job losses

spot Fight back now against job cuts

spot Woolworths jobs threat

spot Fighting the threatened closure of Hoover factory

Environment and socialism

spot Our planet not their profit

Socialist Party editorial

spot India and Pakistan conflict

spot Terror mayhem strikes Mumbai

Socialist Party campaigns

spot Judiciary challenged over the right to protest

spot Building a left wing political alternative

spot Southampton uni students fight fees

spot Liverpool: mobilising against the far right

spot In brief


spot Social workers demand proper resources

spot Secondary education: PFI's gloss soon peels away

Socialist Party LGBT

spot Fighting homophobia

Socialist Party Marxist analysis

spot Crisis-hit capitalism fears prospect of revolution

International socialist news and analysis

spot Venezuela elections: Chávez wins victory but opposition gains ground

Marxist analysis: history

spot The Isle of Man general strike 1918: Workers' power paralysed government

Socialist Party news and analysis

spot Help fund the alternative to big business politics

spot Socialist women: Looking at the past to take action today

Housing crisis

spot Stop the repossessions

spot New Labour's housing crisis

Socialist Party workplace news

spot Vote 'no' to BT's pension cuts

spot A Christmas message from the Unite leadership

spot Dover docks strikes

spot Appledore shipyard

3 December 2008