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The Socialist 10 December 2008

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Jean Charles de Menezes Coroner restricts inquest verdict

THE JURY in the inquest into the death of Brazilian migrant worker, Jean Charles de Menezes, in a horrifically botched police operation in July 2005 has now retired to consider its verdict.

Jean Charles was shot seven times in the head by the police, who mistook him for a 'terrorism suspect', in Stockwell tube station, south London. The police then tried to deny their responsibility, in the process weaving a web of lies to explain why they hunted down and killed an innocent man.

Last year, the Independent Police Complaints Commission decided not to prosecute any officers involved in the shooting, Now the coroner, Sir Michael Wright, has told the inquest jury that they cannot return a verdict of "unlawful killing," only those of lawful killing, an open verdict, or a narrative verdict.

While there are numerous attacks on people's rights from this government, the police seem to be given every protection from justice. The de Menezes family held a protest at the coroner's announcement, wearing T-shirts with the message: "Your legal right to decide - unlawful killing verdict." They have also lodged an application for a judicial review of this decision.

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10 December 2008