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The Socialist 21 March 2018

Hands off free school meals

The Socialist issue 987

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Unions condemn 'culture of bullying' at Merseyside hospital


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Rachael Potter, health worker, Liverpool Socialist Party

Many heath trusts across the country are carrying vacant posts and as a result many staff are covering staff shortages by doing duties above and beyond their pay grade.

Trade unions should be challenging employers to ensure that these posts are filled - many staff feel exhausted having to work long hours, many beyond their contractual hours.

An independent report into alleged bullying within the A&E department in Arrowe Park hospital on the Wirral has condemned the trust for a culture of bullying.

In the last couple of months the trust has seen the departure of the head of human resources, the CEO and more recently the chair of the trust.

Sir David Henshaw has also been imposed on the trust by NHS to beef up the management structure. This is the same man who, when chief executive at Liverpool council, encouraged managers who worked there under Militant's control of the council to seek employment elsewhere.

Full time officials from both Unison and Unite the Union have made it clear to the employer that action speaks louder than words and if this bullying culture does not change then their members will consider taking the appropriate action to stand up to bullying managers.

The unions do not welcome the appointment of Henshaw given his track record with the unions.

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21 March 2018