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The Socialist 18 April 2018

Get the Tories out

The Socialist issue 991

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Huddersfield TUSC takes on the Blairites

TUSC candidate Nicola Jackson (right)

TUSC candidate Nicola Jackson (right)   (Click to enlarge)

Mike Forster, Huddersfield Socialist Party and TUSC candidate

Our campaign in Huddersfield is focusing on two seats held by Blairite candidates in Ashbrow and Crosland Moor.

This has allowed us to issue an introductory leaflet and an election communication to every voter. So far 18,000 leaflets have been delivered. Volunteers recruited from social media have all made the job a lot easier.

Our candidate in Ashbrow, Nicola Jackson, is going down a storm on the doorstep. As one canvasser said: "Canvassing is easy here when everyone knows Nicola".

Likewise in Crosland Moor, I've been helped by Labour supporters to get the message out. There is a growing list of supporters who have rung up after getting the leaflets offering to help.

The campaigns will now be stepping up a gear to raise our profile even further with daily leafleting and open air public meetings as we finally get warm weather. The message is clear - councils which persist in making cuts will be punished.

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18 April 2018