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The Socialist 18 April 2018

Get the Tories out

The Socialist issue 991

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Socialist sellers on the national NHS demo, 4.3.17, photo Mary Finch

Socialist sellers on the national NHS demo, 4.3.17, photo Mary Finch   (Click to enlarge)

Ian Pattison, the Socialist campaigns organiser

From the first issue of the year, which highlighted the ever-widening wealth gap, the Socialist has featured the major issues confronting ordinary people - from the relentless Tory attacks on our health service and the victories against NHS closures at Glenfield and Chatsworth, to the determined battle by UCU university workers against attacks on their pensions.

Now Socialist Party members have launched our local election campaigns. We're part of TUSC (the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition), standing over 100 candidates around the country. We're targeting Blairites who refuse to back Jeremy Corbyn's anti-austerity policies.

Already this year sellers of the Socialist in York, Swansea, Gloucester, West London and Cardiff all increased their paper orders to match increased demand.

There will be loads of anti-cuts campaigning by the Socialist Party and TUSC during the local authority elections.

We need to ensure that the Socialist is at the forefront of our campaigning. This way, sales of the Socialist can reach even higher this quarter.

During the start of the election campaigns we've produced feature articles showing how councils can legally block the cuts, and stop Tory attacks on the NHS, education, and housing.

This week we look at dangerous driver-only operation and how the transport union RMT has led a determined campaign to keep a safety-critical guard on trains alongside the driver.

In recent weeks the establishment has been rocked by crisis upon crisis. The Socialist hasn't faltered; we've provided expert analysis on complex issues - from the Salisbury nerve agent poisoning to Labour's civil war and accusations of anti-semitism; from Facebook algorithms to a socialist, internationalist and anti-austerity position on a customs union.

We've had an enthusiastic response for opposing the Blairites in the local elections. Ordinary working class people back our stand against the cuts, the bombing in Syria, and cuts to youth services (linked to the tragic spate of youth killings in London).

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In this issue

What we think

No to the bombing of Syria!

Labour Party

For a fighting, democratic Labour Party

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

Give us your change (and more) to fight for system change!

Building fund: 150,000 milestone smashed!

The Socialist - a fighting, campaigning, workers' paper

Hull says no to war, no to austerity

Victorious Fearnville Fields campaigners thank the Socialist

Socialist Party news and analysis

Young people need homes

1,400 beds empty as patients lay in corridors: health unions must act now

Catalonia: 1m marchers demand self-determination

Billions for the bosses, benefit cuts for us

Them & Us

Local elections 2018

Labour councillors could stop unsafe 'driver-only operation' tomorrow

Grimsby local paper reveals Labour candidate 'tried to defect to the Tories'

TUSC campaigners challenge youth club cuts

Huddersfield TUSC takes on the Blairites

Butterfields tenants join TUSC campaign

Haringey TUSC fights Blairite cuts

Socialist history

Enoch Powell's racist 'Rivers of Blood' rant 50 years on

Workplace news and analysis

Usdaw conference 2018: time for new era of fighting trade unionism

UCU members vote to end pensions dispute

Bromley libraries - indefinite strike action continues

PCS rejects Acas offer - further strikes announced

Vote for a left, fighting PCS leadership

Avenue School strikers and parents win judicial review

Workers' victory over anti-union Scottish council


Vital depiction of fight for Aids prevention and treatment

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18 April 2018