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From: The Socialist issue 538, 18 June 2008: No! to racism: Yes! to decent jobs, homes & public services

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Let AmDani stay!

AS THE Socialist 536 reported, AmDani Juma won a temporary success in his struggle against deportation to strife-torn Burundi when his application for a judicial review was accepted. This was due to a huge campaign of pressure on the Home Office.

AmDani is of a mixed Hutu/Tutsi family, containing Catholics and Muslims, and his political views still place him in great danger of being a victim of genocidal attacks in Burundi and Rwanda.

He has been in Britain for five years and spent his time tirelessly working with people at risk of HIV infection. Unfortunately, the British government decided he should no longer be here, for no real reason we can tell, and since 30 May he has been locked up in an immigration detention centre awaiting deportation.

On 16 June, however, AmDani was finally granted bail which shows how much pressure the campaign has generated. This victory will give AmDani and the campaign time to prepare his case for the judicial review.

  • Please send messages to The Minister of State for Immigration, Home Office, 50 Queen Anne's Gate, London SW1H 9AT, demanding he allows AmDani Juma to stay in the UK. For more information, contact Friends of AmDani http://friendsofandami.wordpress.com
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    Article dated 18 June 2008

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