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15 May 2019

Privatisers sue NHS - kick out the fat cats and fully nationalise our health service!

A private company is taking the NHS to court, because its contract to run Nottingham University Hospital's outpatient-treatment centre was not renewed.

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3 January 2018

Widening wealth gap, increase in poverty...make the fat cats pay

Don't put the party poppers away just yet. There's one last thing to celebrate. Fat Cat Thursday! Well, it's not exactly a celebration if you're working class. In fact its only the super-rich who actually enjoy the event.

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4 January 2017

Bosses' pay goes up by 82% for nothing

Chief executives' pay in Britain's top 250 companies increased by an average of 82% between 2003 and 2014. We need to kick out the fat cats who are creaming money off the backs of workers.

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13 January 2016

Bosses 'earn' year's pay in under a week

Fat Cat Tuesday: By the first Tuesday of 2016, chief executives at the UK's top 'FTSE 100' firms were sitting happily on earnings it will take the average full-time worker a year to make.

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5 August 2015

Fiddling finance capital in the dock

The trial and conviction of former UBS and Citigroup trader, Tom Hayes, has revealed the huge scale of the 2012 Libor rate-fixing scandal perpetrated by the major banks.

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15 January 2014

Them & Us

City bonuses: Finance chiefs in the Square Mile will scoop 10 billion out of a total bonus pay-out of 19 billion

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4 March 2009

RBS pension scandal: Not a penny for these fat cats!

RESEMBLING SOME kind of feudal payment in perpetuity, sacked Royal Bank of Scotland boss Sir Fred Goodwin's 693,000 annual pension is absolutely outrageous, writes Pete Mason.

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6 February 2008

Why they call them 'fat cats'

LONDON'S MOST expensive set menu is a high-cholesterol, high alcohol 1,000 a head seven course 'non-vegetarian extravaganza' designed for, literally, 'fat-cat' City bankers with huge bonuses....

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3 May 2007

Fat cats eye the cream

WHOEVER TAKES over as commercial director at the Department of Health will oversee the purchase of care for NHS patients...

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24 August 2006

Cream for fat cats - debts for us!

TOP EXECUTIVES' pay is still soaring. Chief executives from the 100 biggest UK-based firms received average pay rises of 10% last year, more than twice as high as increases across industry...

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13 October 2005

Kick the fat cats out of the NHS

DIRECTORS OF the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, some already on as much as 140,000, have been awarded an 8% pay rise...

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9 August 2003

End Fat Cat Rule

FORMER ICI boss and management guru John Harvey-Jones calls huge fat-cat executive pay "obscene and unnecessary." But the fat cats ignore this rebuke from a fellow boss - they're sneering all the way to the bank...

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28 June 2003

Make The Fat Cats Pay

CABINET MINISTER Peter Hain's very modest proposal - to increase the tax rate paid by the rich - caused a political storm...

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21 June 2003

What can we do about the 'fat cats?'

THE WEALTH gap in Britain is widening rapidly. The most noticeable gainers have been the owners of big companies and their 'fat cat' top executives (themselves usually top shareholders), who are getting...

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10 August 2001

Sack the Fat Cats Not the Workers

MANUFACTURING IN Britain is now officially in recession. But this cold fact seems to have escaped Britain's fat cat bosses who continue to let the good times roll for themselves...

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13 April 2001

Dinners For Them... Dole For The Workers

THE BOSSES have cottoned on that an economic recession is threatening and they're telling us we all have to make sacrifices. But these sacrifices are not all equal...

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26 January 2001

Put the Fat Cats on Trial

Stop the privatisation disaster: PUT THE privatised rail bosses in the dock! That's the message from The Socialist and one that's coming loud and clear from the travelling public after last October's fatal Hatfield crash...

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6 October 2000

Fleece the Fat Cats

THE GOVERNMENT have raised the national minimum wage by 10p an hour to 3.70. Previously New Labour refused to give such a rise - under 3% - for fear this would cause "a growth in inflation"!...

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30 June 2000

Labour Pampers Its Fat Cats

IN OPPOSITION, New Labour pledged that they would end the massive tax avoidance and corruption by the rich which was rife under the Tories, writes John Reid.

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