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22 September 2010

Stroud says no to BNP media centre

PEOPLE IN the Gloucestershire town of Stroud, were shocked and outraged to find out that the far right, racist British National Party (BNP) plans to spread its lies from a national 'propaganda' centre (media centre) here, writes Chris Moore, Gloucestershire Socialist Party.

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Protest against the BNP's 'festival of hate', photo Jim Reaves

Protest against the BNP's 'festival of hate', photo Jim Reaves

7 July 2010

BNP forced to abandon its 'festival of hate'

THE RACIST British National Party (BNP) has been forced to call off its annual Red, White and Blue 'festival of hate' which usually takes place in Codnor, Derbyshire, writes Pete Watson,.

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Youth Fight For Jobs march 2 April 2009, photo Paul Mattsson

Youth Fight For Jobs march 2 April 2009, photo Paul Mattsson

21 April 2010

Why the BNP offers no way forward for working class people

Jobs and homes - not racism: In last year's European elections the British National Party (BNP) got just under a million votes, 6.4% of the total votes cast...

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21 April 2010

Anti-BNP protest

On 15 April the BNP held a demonstration outside the Home Office in Croydon under the slogan 'Britain is Full Up', writes Neil Cafferky.

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24 March 2010

Nottingham anti-EDL anti-BNP conference

This conference has been called by Nottingham Unity committee, a group of anti-racist, anti-fascist trade unionists and community activists...

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24 February 2010

How can the racist BNP be defeated?

UAF conference shows debate needed: Thousands of pounds of trade union members' money is given to campaigns such as Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and Hope Not Hate every year to help combat the rise of far-right, racist groups like the British National Party (BNP), writes A GMB member.

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17 February 2010

BNP's phoney changes

THE FAR-RIGHT British National Party (BNP) has amended part of its constitution to allow non-white people to join, writes Naomi Byron.

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5 December 2009

Oldham Youth Resist Racist Provocation

YOUTH AGAINST Racism in Europe (YRE) supporters went into the Glodwick area of Oldham on Sunday to show our support for the community but also to find out the truth about what was happening, writes Christian Bunke.

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Opposing the racist EDL in Wrexham town centre, photo SP Wales

Opposing the racist EDL in Wrexham town centre, photo SP Wales

2 December 2009

Rally to oppose racist EDL

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE STOP the BNP (NSBNP) has organised a Unity Rally in Nottingham on 5 December against a planned 'protest' in the city by the nationalist, racist English Defence League (EDL), Nottingham Socialist Party members write.
Where the EDL has reared its head in other cities, it has been opposed by local community activists, trade unionists and anti-racist campaigners.

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2 December 2009

How mass campaigning closed BNP HQ

THE FAR right BNP moved into their headquarters in Welling, south east London in 1987. Labour Party Young Socialist branches in London responded with a call to the community and trade unions to join in...

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25 November 2009

Mobilising to stop Griffin

THE RMT transport trade union, at short notice, called a protest outside Upney tube station in east London against BNP leader Nick Griffin, writes Suzanne Beishon, Hackney Socialist Party.

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28 October 2009

BBC Question Time panel - Workers' voice denied against BNP

Editorial: Eight million people watched BNP leader Nick Griffin on Question Time, the biggest audience for the programme in its thirty year history...

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Some of the BNP's finest at the BNP Red White and Blue festival 2009, photo The Socialist

Some of the BNP's finest at the BNP Red White and Blue festival 2009, photo The Socialist

30 September 2009

No to BNP TV platform

THE BBC has announced that Nick Griffin, leader of the far-right racist BNP, will be invited to take part in Question Time, taking place in London on 22 October.
The BBC's justification is the need for "due impartiality".
This is laughable, writes deputy general secretary Hannah Sell.

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Protest against the BNP, photo Jim Reaves

Protest against the BNP, photo Jim Reaves

20 August 2009

March shows growing opposition to far right BNP

AROUND 1,500 marchers turned out to protest against the far-right racist BNP's "festival" in Derbyshire on 15 August. They made it clear that the BNP have no solutions to the problems faced by working people, writes Naomi Byron.

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12 August 2009

BNP loses council by-election

No to racism and fascism: THE BNP has lost its seat in Brinsley, their only seat on Broxtowe Borough Council, Nottinghamshire.

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12 August 2009

Racists left speechless

LAST SATURDAY, 8 August, Derby Campaign Against Racism and Fascism, Socialist Party members and Unite Against Fascism surrounded the BNP's only stall in Derby this year, a DCARF and Socialist Party member writes.

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11 August 2009

Stop the BNP

THE British National Party's (BNP) leaders and organisers have not changed their neo-Nazi ideas. They are committed to stirring up racism and division at every opportunity.

Protest against the BNP's 'festival of hate'

Saturday 15 August

Protest and mass picket from 9am at Codnor market place, Codnor, Derbyshire

Rally from 11am, march at 12 noon

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29 July 2009

Protest against BNP's 'festival of hate'

THE MIDLANDS TUC has called a protest on 15 August against the racist BNP's Red White and Blue 'festival' that takes place on 14-16 August near Denby Village, Derbyshire...

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27 July 2009

Outrageous "racism" charge leads to union ban

Press release: Four members of the public sector union Unison were last week banned from holding positions in their union following two years of investigations and hearings...

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22 July 2009

BNP get police to arrest socialists

On Tuesday 14 July I was arrested, along with two other Socialist Party members, on alleged public order offences following a complaint made by local members of the fascist-led British National Party, writes Dylan Roberts, Wrexham Socialist Party.

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