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22 July 2009

Lincoln fights back against racist BNP

ON 11 July, over 100 people marched through Lincoln city centre to oppose racism and the far-right British National Party (BNP).

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22 July 2009

Stop the BNP's 'festival' of hate

Join the national protest and mass picket against the BNP's 'Red, White and Blue festival' on Saturday 15 August. At Codnor market place, Codnor, Derbyshire. Rally from 11am, march at 12 noon...

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22 July 2009

Rock Against Racism

Come and hear five great local bands

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1 July 2009

BNP: Looking beneath the suits

THE BRITISH National Party (BNP) diligently cultivates its new image of smart suits and 'legal' respectability, writes Keith Whitehead.

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17 June 2009

Defeat the BNP: Build a socialist alternative

THE FAR-right, racist BNP's success in narrowly getting two members elected to the European parliament has horrified millions, writes Hannah Sell.

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17 June 2009

Protests at BNP

North West: THERE HAS been a series of protests in the North West since the BNP sneaked in the electoral back door to win an MEP here, writes Hugh Caffrey, Manchester.

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10 June 2009

STOP PRESS: BNP feel the anger

The British National Party leader Nick Griffin attempted to hold a press conference outside parliament on Tuesday 9 June...

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27 May 2009

BNP fail to win Salford election

IN THE Salford Irwell Riverside by-election on 21 May, the BNP were confident of winning the seat from Labour...

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No2EU logo

No2EU logo

6 May 2009

How can the BNP really be defeated?

In the 2004 European elections the far-right, racist British National Party (BNP) received 800,000 votes. This time there is a real danger that it will succeed in getting members elected to the European Parliament.

Hannah Sell examines the processes behind this development, and the role of the NO2EU - Yes to Democracy campaign in stopping the BNP.

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25 February 2009

BNP bigots retreat under pressure

THE ORIGINAL Merseyside police decision to postpone Everton's home game on 14 March and disrupt the arrangements of thousands of football supporters to accommodate the poisonous activities of the racist BNP, beggars belief, writes Tony Mulhearn.

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15 February 2009

Racism and the far right

A vital factor in the link to youth work is the struggle against racism, fascism and particularly the rise of the BNP...

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5 February 2009

Liverpool: Far right BNP exposed

ON 31 January 300 people marched through Liverpool against the far right, racist British National Party (BNP)...

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28 January 2009

Stop the racist BNP

ON SATURDAY 31 January, hundreds of people will be protesting against the British National Party (BNP) in Liverpool, writes Hugh Caffrey.

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26 November 2008

BNP membership list: A weak divided party exposed

Despite the huge amounts of media coverage the British National Party has received over the years, the publication of their list of members, ex-members and others makes it clear that the BNP is a relatively small party, writes Naomi Byron, Youth Against Racism in Europe.

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26 November 2008

Youth Against Racism gig

Over 70 people crammed into the Urban Bar in Whitechapel on Saturday night as Youth Against Racism in Europe (YRE) held another successful gig in London...

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17 September 2008

No to racism: Yes to decent jobs, homes & services!

 Love Music Hate Racism demonstration 2008, ISR contingent, photo Paul Mattsson

Love Music Hate Racism ISR contingent, photo Paul Mattsson

In 2008 more than 25 people have been fatally stabbed and another 14,000 have received hospital treatment for knife wounds, writes Andy Bentley, Stoke Socialist Party.

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13 August 2008

Protest at BNP's racist policies

THE PROTEST against the far-right, racist British National Party's "red, white and blue festival" in Derbyshire will go ahead on Saturday 16 August from 9am as planned, writes James Newton, Notts Stop the BNP.

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13 August 2008

Fighting on class policies

Campaigning against the BNP: YOUTH AGAINST Racism, helped by young Socialist Party members from across South Wales, took to Swansea's streets on 2 August to protest at the BNP's vile, racist lies and to put forward a socialist solution to the problems of soaring inflation, wage cuts and cuts in public services faced by workin, writes Joe Fathallah.

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13 August 2008

Oppose the BNP 'Festival of Hate'

Love Music Hate Racism demonstration 2008, ISR contingent, photo by Paul Mattsson

Love Music Hate Racism demonstration 2008, ISR contingent, photo by Paul Mattsson

"WHEN THE cameras weren't there, the mask came off... racist jokes, the fascist salutes... Then, late in the evening in the beer tent, they were playing SS marching songs on a cassette...

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21 July 2008

How can we defeat racism?

Meeting organised by Socialist Party Black & Asian group

Come to the discussion
Join our fight
Wednesday 23 July, At 7.30pm
Conway Hall , Red lion Square
Nearest Tube: Holborn
Speaker: Hugo Pierre, Socialist Party

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