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22 September 2010

CNWP extended steering committee meeting

Campaign for a New Workers' Party (CNWP): Room 3B, University of London Union building, Malet Street, London WC1. (nearest Tube stations: Euston, Euston Square and Goodge Street)...

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24 March 2010

New workers' party needed

THE CAMPAIGN for a New Workers' Party (CNWP) has condemned more sleaze revelations on former PM, Tony Blair:...

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Socialism 2009 session times

Socialism 2009 session times

28 October 2009

Socialism 2009 forum - can we build a party for working class people?

At Socialism 2009, the third session in the 'Britain after the general election' course will be a wide ranging debate on how the crisis in working class political representation can be solved, writes Dave Nellist, Coventry Socialist Party councillor.

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21 October 2009

Union activists discuss pulling the plug on Labour

A RECENT special meeting of Unite's United Left (UL) in the north west discussed the question of political representation, writes Paul Astbury.

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25 March 2009

Campaign for a new workers' party

Twenty five people attended a successful Campaign for a New Workers' Party (CNWP) public meeting in Shrewsbury on Thursday 19 March, writes Jim Reekie, Shropshire Socialist Party.

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19 March 2009

Campaign for a New Workers' Party

IN THE last decade, the Socialist Party has successfully fought and defended seats in local council elections in Coventry and in Lewisham, south London...

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4 March 2009

National Shop Stewards Network: Brighton launch meeting

Nearly 40 trade unionists attended a launch of the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) in Brighton, writes Phil Clarke, Lewes, Eastbourne and Wealden NUT secretary, personal capacity.

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24 February 2009

Time for a new mass workers' party

A particularly important factor is the absence of a mass political voice for the working class. Since 1997 the trade unions have given over 100 million of their members' money to New Labour. And what...

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24 February 2009

What do union members get from Labour link?

A GROWING number of left activists in the trade unions are frustrated with the continued financial and political links between the unions and the Labour Party...

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15 February 2009

A new workers' party

The Socialist Party, together with others on the left, must be prepared to stand in this vital election to counterpose to the capitalist parties the socialist alternative...

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3 December 2008

Building a left wing political alternative

FORTY PEOPLE including trade unionists, community campaigners and students attended the first London regional meeting of the Campaign for a New Workers' Party (CNWP), writes Paula Mitchell.

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11 November 2008

The working class needs its own mass party

The closing rally of Socialism 2008, hosted by the Campaign for a New Workers' Party (CNWP), was on the theme of the fight for a working class political voice, writes Dave Carr.

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2 October 2008

Bradford & Bingley: We need real nationalisation

THE CAMPAIGN for a New Workers' Party (CNWP) issued the press release below, written by Coventry Socialist Party councillor and the CNWP national chair Dave Nellist...

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24 September 2008

Merseyside CNWP calls for socialist policies

The following resolution on the world economic crisis was unanimously carried at a meeting of the Merseyside Campaign for a New Workers Party on 18 September...

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3 September 2008

Terry Fields memorial meeting

"TERRY FIELDS was a great comrade, loved and respected by many socialists, trade unionists and political activists, writes Clara Paillard.

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9 July 2008

CNWP conference: Wanted - a new mass workers' party

Special Feature: "Waste not, want not"! Gordon Brown's patronising and insulting advice to people struggling to make ends meet is not going to go down well. Yet again he puts the blame for the economic crisis on working people...

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2 July 2008

Campaign for a New Workers' Party

On Sunday 29 June, 300 people filled the main hall in South Camden Community School in London to round off a very important weekend for the labour movement in Britain and to address the central question facing workers in Britain today: How can we fight for a working class political voice...

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1 July 2008

Debate at CNWP conference

We are posting one or two of the speeches at the CNWP debate 'How can we fight for a working class political voice?' A video of al the opening speeches will be posted to the CNWP website www.cnwp.org.uk, writes Bob Crow, RMT general secretary.

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25 June 2008

Campaign for a new workers' party: Conference - Sunday 29 June, 11am - 5pm

South Camden Community School, Charrington Street, London NW1
Speakers include:
Bob Crow, RMT general secretary

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