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15 June 2006

PCS conference a distinctive voice in the British trade union movement

FIVE TIMES-elected trade union president Janice Godrich opened last week's civil service union PCS conference, saying that the union has a distinctive voice in the British trade union movement, writes Bill Mullins.

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8 June 2006

2,000 sign up to Campaign for New Workers' Party

Two thousand people have now signed up in support of the founding declaration of the Campaign for a New Workers' Party (CNWP). This includes 40 members of trade union national executive committees, amongst them three more PCS NEC members, writes Fiona Pashazadeh, CNWP National treasurer.

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25 May 2006

Step up the Campaign for a New Workers' Party

THE STEERING committee elected at the Campaign for a New Workers' Party (CNWP) conference in March discussed the campaign's next steps forward at its first meeting on 21 May...

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18 May 2006

Join the Campaign for a New Workers' Party

A party for the millions - not the  millionaires: AFTER THEIR disastrous showing on 4 May, New Labour now has fewer councillors than at any time since 1973. Tony Blair is clinging to power by a thread - as Labour MPs and councillors realise that their own careers are, writes Hannah Sell, Socialist Party executive committee and assistant secretary CNWP.

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27 April 2006

Building the campaign

Campaign for a New Workers' Party: The officers elected at the Campaign for a New Workers' Party (CNWP) conference had their first meeting on Friday 21 April. On the agenda were the organisational tasks contained in the resolutions passed by those at the conference, writes Fiona Pashazadeh CNWP national treasurer.

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6 April 2006

Support grows for campaign for new workers' party

WORKERS ARE looking for a political alternative. That was the message from the 28 March picket lines as members of eleven trade unions took strike action in defence of their pensions. At Salford city council, 34 workers signed up in support of the declaration of the Campaign for a New Workers' Party, writes Roger Bannister, National secretary CNWP.

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30 March 2006

Gordon's global gurus

GORDON BROWN, the trade union leaders' 'radical' alternative to Blair, has announced that a new panel will advise the Treasury on globalisation...

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23 March 2006

Successful Campaign for a New Workers' Party launch conference

SUNDAY TRANSPORT problems meant that, as the Campaign for a New Workers' Party (CNWP) conference started, many people were still arriving, squashing into the back of the overcrowded hall...

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16 March 2006

The case for a new workers' party

THREE YEARS on from the start of the war in Iraq, thousands are once again taking to the streets to oppose the occupation. Today opposition is at its highest ever level. But the 18 March demonstration, important as it is, will...

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16 March 2006

Campaign for a New Workers' Party - come to conference!

OVER 400 trade union unionists, youth student activists and community campaigners are expected to attend the Campaign for a New Workers' Party conference in London...

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16 March 2006

'We reject New Labour's policies and philosophy'

Brian Canton, Prison Officers Association General Secretary
Socialist Party trade union organiser, Bill Mullins, recently spoke to BRIAN CATON, general secretary of the Prison Officers' Association...

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9 March 2006

Campaign for a New Workers' Party conference, 19 March 2006

THERE ARE now over 1,000 signatories to the Campaign for a New Workers' Party declaration. Click here to see the signatures (426Kb html file). This shows the support these ideas are getting amongst workers, community...

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2 March 2006

Campaign for a New Workers' Party

Why I'm going to the conference...: IT'S HARDLY surprising that Tony Blair's government is fuelling anger amongst working-class people, not least because of its big business policies in education, the NHS, public-sector pensions and in the provision of public services.  Also, millions of people have taken to the streets to protest against Blai...

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22 February 2006

Campaign for a New Workers' Party conference

MARK SERWOTKA, the general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) has agreed to speak at the opening rally of the Campaign for a New Workers' Party conference...

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9 February 2006

Campaign for a New Workers' Party

Following the RMT conference on working-class representation supporters of the campaign for a new workers' party are now looking towards the conference on 19 March...

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2 February 2006

Healthworkers back RMT and Socialist Party initiatives

FOLLOWING THE success of the RMT railworkers' union conference on working-class political representation, Socialist Party member Len Hockey, who is secretary of Waltham Forest UNISON health branch, sent the following letter to Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT...

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26 January 2006

'Crisis in working class political representation'

Manny Thain reports from the conference called by the RMT on working-class political representation...

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26 January 2006

Time for a new mass workers' party

Ken Smith, Socialist Party Executive Committee, looks at the way forward after the RMT conference held in London on 21 January...

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19 January 2006

Build a political alternative to New Labour

Bob Crow, General Secretary of the RMT
RMT conference on workers' representation: THE CONFERENCE on the crisis in working-class representation called by the RMT rail union this weekend is potentially an important step forward in the struggle for a new mass party of the working class...

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15 December 2005

Campaign for a new workers' party

The campaign is gaining support with signatures from workers, trade unionists, students and community activists...

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