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29 June 2011

News in brief

Dishonourable member: Tory education minister Michael Gove attacked the 30 June pensions strike by teachers on the grounds that taking such action would sully the good name of the teaching profession...

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1 June 2011

News in brief

Children's homes axed: In what must be one of the low points in local authority cuts, Tory-controlled Essex county council will consider a proposal at its next cabinet meeting in June to close all its children's homes...

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Members of the teachers' union NUT on the 26 March TUC demonstration, photo Suzanne Beishon

Members of the teachers' union NUT on the 26 March TUC demonstration, photo Suzanne Beishon

18 May 2011

Tory cuts hit children and young people

A leading think tank has estimated that the Con-Dem coalition's spending cuts could push another 300,000 children below the poverty line, writes Sunara Begum.

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Save Sure Start services - Westminster campaign, photo Save our Childrens Services

Save Sure Start services - Westminster campaign, photo Save our Childrens Services

30 March 2011

Save Sure Start Services

Around 30 supporters of the Save Our Children's Services - Westminster campaign marched on the 26 March TUC demonstration, writes Elizabeth O'Hara.

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14 October 2010

Children - a privilege for the rich?

ON NEWSNIGHT, multi-millionaire culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, unleashed a vicious attack saying the state "shouldn't support" large families...

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29 September 2010

Children's homes: Bosses' 'Tribalism' defeated

IN SEPTEMBER the government cancelled the contract for delivering improvement in children's homes with venture capital backed Tribal Group...

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16 June 2010

Save the Big House

The Big House, in Edwinstowe, North Nottinghamshire, provides short-term respite care for families of autistic young people with behaviour and learning difficulties, writes Karen Seymour.

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25 March 2009

Pay for your own vetting

FROM 12 October, if you work with children or vulnerable adults, if you help at a local youth club, Scouts/Guides, work on a doctor's reception desk or deal with information about these groups you may have to fork out up to 100 to get registered with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA), writes Hannah Walter.

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10 December 2008

In brief

Attack on child protection Greenwich Unison has condemned a proposed 'reconfiguration' of the council's child protection service...

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26 January 2006

Scaring children into believing in Jesus

Review: The Root of all evil, Channel 4: Richard Dawkins' two-part programme on religion on Channel 4, The Root of All Evil has provoked a massive over-reaction from the religious right. They show no sign of turning the other cheek and forgiving him!...

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25 September 2004

Lurid Headlines Hide The Facts of Fathers4Justice

JASON HATCH hit the media headlines last week. Dressed as Batman he spent five hours perched on a ledge of Buckingham Palace. A member of Fathers4Justice, he said he was protesting about fathers having restricted or no contact with their...

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31 January 2003

After Victoria Climbie: What future for child protection?

TWO YEAR old Ainlee Walker died a most horrendous death with 64 injuries on her body. Her parents received long jail sentences for manslaughter and cruelty. The enquiry into Ainlee's death found that

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18 August 2000

An outpouring of anger

THE ANTI-paedophile demonstrations in Portsmouth and Hague's plan to make raidcal changes in the law and ensure all 'dangerous' paedophiles serve life sentences have also been accompanied by the hounding of innocent people, the suicide of suspected paedophiles and an angry backlash against establ...

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Thurrock council workers striking against pay cuts, photo by Dave Murray

Thurrock council workers striking against pay cuts, photo Dave Murray

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