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9 May 2011

Overwhelming rejection of Con-Dems in Leicester

In last week's council elections in Leicester the Tories and Lib Dems were reduced to one seat each compared to Labour's 52. The Labour vote needed weighing rather than counting.

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Dave Nellist at the TUSC Launch rally, London March 2010, photo Alison Hill

Dave Nellist at the TUSC Launch rally, London March 2010, photo Alison Hill

23 March 2011

Elect working class fighters!

On 5 May millions of voters will pass judgement on the Con-Dem coalition in elections to local councils, the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly, writes Councillor Dave Nellist, Acting chair, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.

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10 May 2010

Coventry: strong socialist support

On 6 May 2,653 Coventry people voted Socialist in the general election and over 4,400 in Coventry's council elections.
Coming just before the three establishment parties plan to raise our taxes and assault our wages, pensions and services, this represents a solid platform from which socialist support can advance.
Dave Griffiths, West Midlands Socialist Party, analyses the election results in Coventry.

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23 April 2010

Vote Chris Flood, Jess Leech and Ian Page in Lewisham

To protect schools from privatisation & cuts, vote Chris Flood, Jess Leech and Ian Page in the Lewisham council elections on May 6th...

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Rob Windsor, Socialist Party councillor

Rob Windsor, Socialist Party councillor

21 April 2010

Coventry: Standing up for public services

IN COVENTRY local Socialist Party councillor Dave Nellist is TUSC candidate for Coventry North East, Socialist Party members Judy Griffiths (a CWU activist) and Nikki Downes (an NUT member) are TUSC candidates for Coventry South and Coventry North West...

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31 May 2007

Wales - Labour rule under threat

Horse-trading shows the need for a new workers' party: AFTER A series of failed attempts to cobble together coalitions and pacts, Labour's Welsh leader, Rhodri Morgan, was elected First Minister and will form a Labour government but the other three parties are preparing to remov...

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11 May 2006

Local elections: A death blow for Blair?

THE 2006 council elections in England have increased the pressure on Tony Blair and New Labour. The results show a continuing and increasing disaffection with the establishment parties. Socialist Party candidates scored some important...

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20 April 2006

We need a fighting alternative

COUNCIL ELECTIONS are taking place all over the country. In most cases, working-class voters and young people are turned off by the policies of cuts and privatisation of services offered by all the main capitalist parties -...

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6 April 2006

Socialist Party councillors make a difference

Council elections 2006: THE SOCIALIST Party has six local councillors at present in England and Wales. Three of these councillors have spoken to the socialist about what they have been able to achieve and how they differ from councillors from the pro-capitalist...

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6 April 2006

Coventry - re-elect Rob Windsor!

Coventry - re-elect Rob Windsor!
We are focusing in Coventry on getting Rob Windsor (pictured left) re-elected and regaining our third seat on the council, writes Lindsay Currie, Coventry...

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30 March 2006

Council elections: Great response in Lewisham

"Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of the council tenants - keep it up, some of us can't afford to buy our own homes!"

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2 April 2005

UNISON National Executive Council elections

THE ELECTIONS for UNISON's National Executive Council give members the opportunity to elect leaders who will fight for ordinary members, putting their interests first, defending jobs, pay and conditions of...

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8 May 2004

New Labour's Education Crisis

Council elections 10 June: TONY BLAIR wants to rule Britain for a third term. He's been looking enviously at former Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who began her decade-long reign of destruction 25 years ago...

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5 April 2002

New Labour: The Bosses' Friend

2 May Council Elections: Socialist Party Local Election Manifesto 2002.

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7 April 2000

Council elections: Our Socialist Alternative to Labour

A BANNER on Saturday's Rover demo said: "Tony Blair - if we lose our jobs, you'll lose yours." An effigy of Blair behind it showed a worker stabbing him in the back with a cardboard axe!...

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Protesting against domestic abuse service closures in Brighton. Photo Brighton SP

Protesting against domestic abuse service closures in Brighton. Photo Brighton SP

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