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9 December 2009

English Defence League show themselves up

Battling the far right in Nottingham: Hundreds of mainly young, local people turned out in Nottingham city centre on 5 December to oppose the racist 'English Defence League' (EDL), writes Nottingham Socialist Party members.

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18 November 2009

Far right SDL driven out of Glasgow city centre

OVER 3,000 anti-racist protesters achieved their stated aim of keeping the far right-wing Scottish Defence League (SDL) from marching in Glasgow on 14 November...

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13 November 2009

Anti-fascists tactics - What happened in Newport?

ON 24 October, Newport Communities Against Racism (NCAR) organised a rally of 600 local people against the far-right English/Welsh Defence League (E/WDL) that shut the League out of Newport...

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28 October 2009

Far right shut out of Newport by mass protest

"WALES IS now an E/WDL-free zone" declared Socialist Party member and Unite convenor Rob Williams as over 600 people defied the attempt of the English/Welsh Defence League to spread their racist poison in Newport...

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13 October 2009

Manchester mobilises against fascists

AROUND 200 thugs of the far right English Defence League (EDL) came to Manchester last Saturday to stir up racial conflict in the city...

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27 May 2009

UKIP - yet another establishment party

WITH THE MPs' expenses scandal further undermining public support for the three main establishment parties, far right outfits like the UK Independence Party are hoping to revive their flagging fortunes in the forthcoming European elections...

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15 February 2009

Racism and the far right

A vital factor in the link to youth work is the struggle against racism, fascism and particularly the rise of the BNP...

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11 February 2009

Exeter: Mobilising to stop the far right

THE FAR right British National Party (BNP) reared its ugly head again in Exeter. Last Saturday, this threat was met by a united front in Exeter High Street by socialists of various backgrounds. The biggest...

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5 February 2009

Liverpool: Far right BNP exposed

ON 31 January 300 people marched through Liverpool against the far right, racist British National Party (BNP)...

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3 December 2008

Liverpool: mobilising against the far right

OVER THREE hundred anti-fascists protested in Liverpool last Saturday against the British National Party...

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26 November 2008

BNP membership list: A weak divided party exposed

Despite the huge amounts of media coverage the British National Party has received over the years, the publication of their list of members, ex-members and others makes it clear that the BNP is a relatively small party, writes Naomi Byron, Youth Against Racism in Europe.

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5 November 2008

Austria: Socialist players suspended from football club for anti-fascist activities

ON 27 October, CWI* members, Margarita D-ller, Lucia D-ller and Irene Müller were suspended from Hellas Kagran, the football club they played for in Vienna whose president is Martin Graf, a prominent far-right Freedom Party (FPÖ) MP, writes Laura Rafetseder, Sozialistische Linkspartei (SLP - CWI in Austria).

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15 October 2008

Austria: Far right makes big gains - left vote squeezed

AUSTRIA'S 28 September general election saw both government parties - the Social Democrats (SPÖ), and the People's Party (ÖVP) - lose massively, writes Laura Rafetseder, Sozialistische Linkspartei (SLP - CWI Austria).

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3 September 2008

Opposing the far right

THE BIGGEST demonstration the village of Codnor has seen in recent years marched towards the far-right BNP's Red White and Blue Festival (RWB) on 16 August, writes By a Notts anti-fascist.

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13 August 2008

Fighting on class policies

Campaigning against the BNP: YOUTH AGAINST Racism, helped by young Socialist Party members from across South Wales, took to Swansea's streets on 2 August to protest at the BNP's vile, racist lies and to put forward a socialist solution to the problems of soaring inflation, wage cuts and cuts in public services faced by workin, writes Joe Fathallah.

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13 August 2008

Oppose the BNP 'Festival of Hate'

Love Music Hate Racism demonstration 2008, ISR contingent, photo by Paul Mattsson

Love Music Hate Racism demonstration 2008, ISR contingent, photo by Paul Mattsson

"WHEN THE cameras weren't there, the mask came off... racist jokes, the fascist salutes... Then, late in the evening in the beer tent, they were playing SS marching songs on a cassette...

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4 June 2008

Youth against racism

On Saturday 21 June Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) has called a national demonstration against the racist British National Party...

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21 May 2008

Glasgow: BNP not welcome here

THE FAR right British National Party (BNP) tried to stake a claim to Glasgow's streets on 17 May...

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30 April 2008

Love Music Hate Racism

Fighting the far right: ON A wet Sunday afternoon tens of thousands of people turned out for the Love Music Hate Racism Carnival (LMHR) in east London's Victoria Park...

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23 April 2008

How can we defeat the far right?

The far-right, racist British National Party (BNP) is hoping to gain a seat on the Greater London Assembly on 1 May, as well as more councillors round the country. The Socialist outlines Socialist answers to the far-right.

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