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23 March 2016


Letters to the Socialist's editors. Rape, women and victim blaming; McDonnell boosts Blairite mayor; healthcare insurance headache; errors of the pro-EU left; global economy gripes.

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24 February 2016

Wakefield: no fracking, no cuts

Wakefield's council voted overwhelmingly to oppose fracking and call on central government to withdraw licences - after pressure from local activists.

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3 February 2016

Wakefield tells big business to frack-off!

Four fracking licences have been granted in the Wakefield District area to Hutton Energy and Igas which would completely surround the city of Wakefield and turn the whole area into a massive industrial complex, writes John Sibbald, Wakefield and Pontefract Socialist Party.

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28 August 2015

Socialist councillor aids anti-gas storage campaign

Fleetwood Town Council has unanimously voted to oppose gas storage plans at Preesall by the Halite company.

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1 July 2015

Victory for anti-fracking movement

Anti-fracking campaigners were celebrating after Lancashire County Council on 29 June voted down a planning application to extract shale gas - 'fracking' - at Little Plumpton, between Preston and Blackpool.

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29 June 2015

Fracking defeated today in Lancashire!

This morning Lancashire County Council decided to reject Caudrilla's planning application for fracking at Little Plumpton, between Preston and Blackpool

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24 June 2015

Protests against fracking: Stop drill permits!

Hundreds of Lancashire residents and anti-fracking activists lobbied Lancashire county council

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22 April 2015

Dallas dreams or fracking nightmare?

Oil reserves have been discovered in the Horse Hill area around Gatwick airport. The chief executive of UK Oil and Gas Investments (UKOG) claimed there were up to 100 billion gallons of oil

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30 January 2015

Fracking in trouble, from Lancashire to Lanarkshire!

'Hydraulic fracturing' is widely opposed because it is seen as deeply unsafe

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28 January 2015

Tories and Labour refuse moratorium on fracking

This government cares more about profits for energy companies than it does about what happens to people

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26 November 2014

Them & Us

Food banks: The Con-Dems austerity cuts have pushed hundreds of thousands into poverty

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24 September 2014

Global day of eco action

Manchester: Around 3,000 people marched through Manchester to protest against the Labour Party's support for fracking on 21 September

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22 September 2014

Demo calls on Labour to oppose Fracking

Last Sunday several thousand people marched through Manchester to protest at the Labour Party's support for fracking. The demonstration was part of an international day of action over climate change

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Barton Moss anti-fracking protesters, March 2014, photo D Murphy

Barton Moss anti-fracking protesters, March 2014, photo D Murphy

9 July 2014

Fracking: short-term profit before safety

A recent major study - released by the British Geographical Survey and Environment Agency - has raised fresh concerns over the potential of fracking to contaminate our drinking water

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14 May 2014

Anti-fracking hustings in Manchester

Over 90 people attended a hustings organised by Frack-Free Greater Manchester to test the parties' attitudes to fracking

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9 April 2014

System change to save the environment

The recent Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report (see last week's Socialist) has pointed to the devastating impact on food production, and habitat, and the resulting risks of increased famine, water shortages and state conflicts if human induced climate change is not halted, writes Kate Jones, Socialist Party Wales.

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Barton Moss anti-fracking protesters, March 2014, photo D Murphy

2 April 2014

Anti-fracking camp: court backs off from eviction

The Barton Moss Community Protection Camp is for now saved from eviction, and the daily protests go on

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13 March 2014

Anti-fracking campaign steps up in Lancashire

On 9 March hundreds of people marched through Manchester to protest against the plans for thousands of oil and gas wells throughout Lancashire

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At Barton Moss, February 2014

3 March 2014

Barton Moss protesters say no to fracking

IGas is over halfway through exploratory drilling for gas, and the protests continue

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22 January 2014

Fracking - profiting from environmental destruction

"We're going all out for shale" - said David Cameron at the same time as he announced bribes to councils and local planning authorities in order to spread fracking operations across the country

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Protesting in Enfield, London, in support of electricians sacked by contractor SIS Systems at Amazon's warehouse under construction at Follingsby Park, Gateshead. 21.6.21

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