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24 July 2004

'Off-Shoring': The Bosses' Global Attack On Workers

ON 17 June HSBC bank announced that it would be cutting 3,500 jobs in the UK. 500 of these jobs would be 'off-shored' to HSBC's call centres in India and Malaysia. Although HSBC said that these changes were to "improve the productivity...

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29 May 2004

Socialism 2004

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Aside from the main rallies, Socialism 2004 comprises many other political sessions grouped into themed courses.
Among this year's courses is one with the broad theme of 'Marxism and Globalisation'.
MICHAEL CALDERBANK describes what the course will cover.

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24 January 2003

A System In Crisis

THE WORLD Congress of the Committee for a Workers' International, the socialist international organisation to which the Socialist Party is affiliated, met last November to discuss developments in the capitalist system and how these will impact on working-class struggle

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4 October 2002

Washington IMF protests

Fighting War, Poverty And Exploitation: THOUSANDS OF demonstrators staged a spirited march and rally as part of a week of events against the IMF and World Bank in Washington DC this past weekend - despite the arrest of 659 people by police, writes Alan Jones, New York City.

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23 November 2001

WTO Policies Increase Wealth Gap

"THE WORLD Trade Organisation's (WTO) ministerial meeting here [Doha, in the Gulf state of Qatar] often seemed like a giant children's party, writes Dave Carr.

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10 August 2001

World Economy: Here comes the slump

The Bank of England's fourth cut in interest rates this year was prompted by government figures showing manufacturing in sharp decline, with 35,000 jobs lost in the last week alone...

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20 July 2001

The Spectres at the G8 Feast

THERE ARE two spectres haunting the gathering of G8 world 'leaders' in Genoa this weekend. One is the growing tide of anti-capitalist movements that is laying their system under siege. The second is...

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6 July 2001

Capitalism's Bitter Coffee

WHAT DO these two people have in common? Howard lives in Seattle, USA, and has just bought himself a $200 million stake in the Seattle Supersonics basketball team. Maria lives in the Eastern Highlands...

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2 February 2001

World Economic Forum: The heights of capitalism

POLITICAL AND business leaders of world capitalism assembled last week for their annual get together - the World Economic Forum - in the mountain-top resort of Davos, Switzerland, writes Dave Carr.

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22 September 2000

The destructive forces of global capitalism

THE WAVE of anger which swept through Seattle against the World Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting last November, has continued on its course...

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