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5 March 2013

Labour-led council inflicting £82 million of cuts

Bradford's Labour and Green councillors do Pickles' dirty work, while Respect just abstains

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30 January 2013

Brighton's Greens vote for cuts in workers' allowances

Brighton and Hove council's policy and resources committee, on 24 January, proposed a review of allowances received by staff. These allowances frequently make up large parts of workers' wages

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14 January 2013

The United Front today & the Left in Germany

Despite the constant intoning of support for the 'united front' tactic, the Socialist Workers Party has misapplied this idea and burnt its fingers...

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8 August 2012

Brighton pensioner jailed for non-payment of council tax

In 2011 Brighton and Hove became the first local authority in Britain to be run by the Greens. The Green manifesto looked forward to "a just and equal city where everybody is treated with kindness, respect and dignity".

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National Snow and Ice Data Center daily image 20 June 2012, photo National Snow and Ice Data Center

National Snow and Ice Data Center daily image 20 June 2012, photo National Snow and Ice Data Center

20 June 2012

2012 earth summit

Why Rio+20 will cut no ice: Every day an update of the extent of the ice in the arctic sea is posted on the National Snow and Ice Data Centre website, writes Pete Mason.

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1 February 2012

Are the Greens a real alternative?

Green leader Caroline Lucas MP and her party are attempting to build on the unions' rift with Labour to encourage trade union support and funding to break from the Labour Party and support them instead

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30 November 2011

Brighton Greens fail to fight the cuts

Brighton local government elections in May 2011 resulted in 23 Green councillors, 18 Tories and 13 Labour, giving the Greens, elected on an 'anti-cuts' election campaign, control over the council cabinet

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29 June 2011

Socialist Party summer camp - bigger and better than ever!

Friday 26th August to Monday 29th August 2011
New venue, Epping Forest:
Debden House Centre, Debden Green,
Loughton, Essex IG10 2NZ

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24 March 2011

Support anti-cuts candidates - for Trade Unionist and Socialists Against Cuts

Only a third of the population think cuts are necessary, yet in the local elections in five weeks time, all of the candidates from the main parties will be supporting cuts...

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9 March 2011

Brighton: Labour and Green Party councillors fail to stop Tory budget

ON THURSDAY 3 March, Brighton and Hove council passed a budget condemning the city to £24 million of cuts, writes Peter Knight, Brighton Socialist Party and Clive Heemskerk.

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Parents and young people marched on Camden council on 28 February, photo by H Pierre

3 March 2011

Fighting the cuts: Thousands protest, lobby and occupy

Reports from around the UK: Thousands of people demonstrated against cuts last week, as shown in these reports in this week's issue of the Socialist from Hull, Camden, Lambeth, Haringey, Lewisham, Birmingham, Swansea and Bradford

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Flooding in the centre of Gloucester, 2007, photo Chris Moore

1 December 2010

Climate change: Socialist planning needed to avert a global catastrophe

CLIMATE CHANGE is already destroying lives. 21,000 people died as a direct result of extreme weather conditions in the first nine months of this year, a new Oxfam report says. Millions suffered great hardship...

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11 November 2010

Angry campaigners discuss Stroud fightback

Thursday 4 November saw the first anti-cuts alliance meeting in Stroud, which followed an anti-BNP public meeting held a few weeks before...

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20 September 2010

Background Reading

Cline, W R. 'Scientific basis for the greenhouse effect' Economic Journal, No 101 (July) 1991, p 904-19...

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20 September 2010

Preface to Planning Green Growth

This important and timely new pamphlet (published on the eve of the 'Earth Summit' in Johannesburg), analyses the causes and scope of environmental destruction across the globe and asks what is the way forward, writes Pete Dickenson.

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20 September 2010

The Green Movement Agenda for Sustainability

There are many variations of the Green and environmental movement agenda, so any categorisation must be approximate and recognise that there is overlap between them...

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20 September 2010

The Green Growth Agenda

Green growth proponents can be divided into two camps, those advocating 'hard' and 'soft' sustainability...

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9 September 2010

Russia: Motorway construction through Khimkinsky forest halted

ON 7 August, Russian CWI activist, Igor Yasin, and two other CWI members, were brutally attacked by thugs following a peaceful protest in Moscow over the proposed construction of a major new road through Khimkinsky forest, part of Moscow's green belt, writes Igor Yasin, Moscow.

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Coventry Against the Cuts demands that the Labour Party refuses to implement the cuts, photo by Coventry Socialist Party

18 August 2010

Action now to defeat cuts!

Billionaire tax exile to slash services: A cabinet of millionaires appoints a billionaire to advise them on making cuts to our jobs and services, or as they refer to them - 'efficiencies'. No surprise there!, writes Alistair Tice, Yorkshire Socialist Party.

Pic - protest by Coventry Against the Cuts

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19 May 2010

Initiative for a week of European-wide protests

ON THE initiative of Socialist Party (Ireland) MEP Joe Higgins, an appeal letter (extract below) has been issued by members of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) in the European Parliament to the trade union and labour movement throughout Europe, to coordinate protests against gove...

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