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10 August 2001

The Aftermath of Genoa

Hundreds of thousands of anti-capitalists and socialists demonstrated in Genoa from 19-21 July. Many protesters were angry at the police's vicious, provocative behaviour...

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27 July 2001

State organised butchery in Genoa

"YOU CAN'T defend the action of the police in shooting and killing someone," said Peter Hain, minister for European Affairs...

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27 July 2001

On the march against capitalism

ONCE AGAIN, as at the time of the anti-EU protests in Gothenburg, the media of the world has concentrated almost exclusively on the violent confrontations in Genoa, instead of showing why the majority of the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators were there and what they are saying...

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27 July 2001

After Genoa - what way forward?

What we think: THE BLOODY events at the G8 summit in Genoa mark a turning point in the anti-capitalist movement...

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27 July 2001

Step Up The Fight Against Capitalism

After The Genoa Protests: AROUND THE world, workers and young people are stepping up resistance to capitalism's profit driven agenda...

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20 July 2001

The horrors of Global Capitalism

THE DEMONSTRATIONS in Genoa over the weekend of 20-22 July promise to be the latest in a long list of major anti-capitalist protests that have shaken the capitalist class globally, writes Kieran Roberts, International Socialist Resistance.

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20 July 2001

Fight for a Socialist World

Step Up the struggle against capitalism: WHY ARE hundreds of thousands of people demonstrating in Genoa this weekend against the G8 group of world capitalist leaders?...

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