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28 January 2021

Bristol Socialist Party: Turbulent events in US politics

On Zoom. Call/text 077 5979 6478 for entry details.

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14 January 2021

West London Socialist Party: Has Modi finally met his match in India's farmers?

If you're interested in attending, please email [email protected] by Tuesday evening to be sent details of how to participate online.

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13 January 2021

Global capitalism at most dangerous conjuncture since the 1930s

The pandemic has wreaked havoc across the globe, causing over two million deaths and unleashing enormous economic and social crises

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13 January 2021

Londoners suffer and Khan piles on pressure

One in 30 of us in London now have the virus. In Barking and Dagenham, it's one in 15

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13 January 2021

How should socialists respond to the 6 January attacks on Capitol Hill?

Police in DC showed some sympathy to the pro-Trump protesters and refused to seriously restrain the partially armed crowd

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13 January 2021

Help us fund the fight for Socialism

The Socialist Party stands for the rights of workers. We fight for an alternative to capitalism, to the misery faced by workers, students and young people. Every quarter, we set a fighting fund target

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8 January 2021

US in crisis - need for a mass workers' party and socialist programme

In unprecedented scenes, US capitalism plunged into a deeper crisis on Wednesday as thousands of Trump supporters stormed the congress on Capitol Hill, urged on by Trump.

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8 January 2021

Judge rules against Julian Assange's extradition but refuses bail

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange won a partial victory in his long battle to avoid extradition

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6 January 2021

News in brief

Why is the Covid vaccine roll out so slow? Government bureaucracy delaying the recruitment of vaccinators, and foul-ups in the private manufacturing and supply are to blame.

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6 January 2021

Books that inspired me: The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

Millions of workers in the US and globally find themselves out of work, unable to afford the basics, and at the mercy of capitalist crisis

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16 December 2020

Book: The national question - a Marxist approach

90 socialists from Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland, and even from as far afield as the US, attended an online book launch public meeting organised by Socialist Party Scotland on 10 December.

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16 December 2020

Protests in solidarity with Indian farmers

Around 300 people from the city's Indian Sikh community turned out in Cardiff Bay on Saturday 12 December to protest in solidarity with farmers in Punjab, India, taking action against the brutal right-wing regime

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16 December 2020

Met police investigate British mercenary war crimes against Tamils

The Metropolitan Police are investigating British mercenaries' hand in the massacre of over 100,000 civilians and the brutal defeat of the LTTE (Tamil Tigers), who fought an armed struggle for an independent Tamil Eelam nation.

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16 December 2020

Rich countries hoarding vaccine is danger to us all

The Covid-19 pandemic has been truly global in character, with every nation reporting cases. Why is it then, that as the first vaccine shipments leave the factories, your ability to access it will depend

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9 December 2020

Right populism after Trump

Trump's election defeat has sharply posed the question: What happens next?

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9 December 2020

Luxury for some, poverty for the rest of us

Many of us won't have much to cheer about this Christmas. In 2020 we've lost people to a pandemic which is still hurting us. One-in-twenty young people are currently unemployed.

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9 December 2020

Malaysia: Massive capitalist exploitation of migrant workers exposed by Covid pandemic

News of the spread of Covid-19 in factory hostels across Malaysia has come at a time when Malaysians are facing the highest number of infections since the start of the pandemic in early March this year

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Socialism Today, December 2020

7 December 2020

How far can the Starmer counter-revolution go?

And what are all those who have supported Jeremy Corbyn proposing can be done to reverse the tide? Read the editorials of Socialism Today

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2 December 2020

Scotland: Campaign wins end to period poverty

In a first of its kind globally, the Period Products (Free Provision) Scotland Act was enshrined into law in Scotland on 24 November, laying the foundations for eradicating period poverty for Scottish women.

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Protesting in Cardiff following the death of Mohamud Mohammed Hassan, photo by Cardiff SP

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