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14 March 2018

Italian elections create huge political shake-up

The 4 March general election has caused the biggest shake-up of the Italian political landscape in over 20 years. Not since the 'clean hands' corruption scandal of the early 1990s have the establishment parties been so severely wounded

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29 June 2016

Italy: Prime Minister Renzi's party routed

Five Star mayors elected in Rome and Turin: The local and mayoral elections in Italy have exploded the myth of "Renzi the invincible".

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7 March 2013

Italy: Voters reject austerity

Political instability and crisis but also new opportunities ahead: The "Tsunami tour" was the name comedian Beppe Grillo gave to his election meetings which filled piazzas throughout Italy with tens of thousands of 'spectators', writes Chris Thomas, Controcorrente (CWI, Italy).

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World in Turmoil

4 January 2012

A world in turmoil

In this special new year feature, Peter Taaffe looks back at 2011, a year of crisis, struggle and revolution. This article is based on a statement prepared for the Committee for a Workers' International, the world socialist organisation to which the Socialist Party is affiliated.

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16 November 2011

Berlusconi quits as debt crisis hits eurozone's third largest economy

The deepening eurozone crisis has claimed another government with the departure of Italy's prime minister Silvio Berlusconi...

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9 November 2011

Failed G20 summit takes eurozone nearer to the abyss

The G20 meeting of the world's most powerful government leaders on 3 and 4 November was a 'No Cannes Do' summit. The discussions were hijacked by the Greek crisis...

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12 June 2004

100,000 March Against Bush And Berlusconi

"NO BUSH - No war" was the main slogan of the 100,000 strong week-day protest in Rome on 4 June, when US President Bush was coming to visit his fellow warmonger Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi...

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1 November 2003

Italy: Battle Is Joined Over Pensions 'Reform'

AROUND 10 million salaried workers in Italy took part in a strike called by the CGIL, CISL and UIL trade union federations unions last week, with demonstrations in 100 cities...

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6 September 2003

Italy - a 'hot autumn' awaits Berlusconi

ITALIAN SOCIALIST Fabrizio Cucchi, (a member of Lotta per il socialismo - CWI, Italy) on a recent visit to London, spoke to the socialist...

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28 February 2003

Italy: Direct Action Against War

LAST WEEKEND saw dramatic scenes of direct action in Italy to stop the movement of US military supplies in the country

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Not in my brother's name: demonstrator in New York, photo by Paul Mattsson

Not in my brother's name: demonstrator in New York, photo by Paul Mattsson

21 February 2003

The World Turned Upside Down

Reports from Spain, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Belfast, Glasgow, Israel, New York, Seattle, Brazil, Kashmir, Russia, Ukraine.
MILLIONS OF people, up to 30 million in 72 countries according to the CNN news agency, poured onto the streets of cities and towns and villages, around the world on 15 February in protest against George Bush's war plans

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15 November 2002

Florence anti-war demo

SATURDAY 9 November, saw the biggest protest so far against the threatened war against Iraq. Up to a million marched and sang through the streets of Florence, Italy, in protest at Bush and Berlusconi's policies

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25 October 2002

Millions Join Italian General Strike

SINGING THE Internationale (the anthem of revolutionary socialism) thousands of workers marched in over 100 cities and towns as a three million-strong general strike brought Italy to a halt

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26 April 2002

13 million-strong Italian general strike

A Day Like No Other: AS ALL the first-hand reports make abundantly clear, 16 April 2002 in Italy was a day like no other. The first eight-hour general strike in the country for 20 years was solid. The response to the strike

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29 March 2002

Biggest Demo In History Engulfs Rome

SATURDAY 23 March will be one of the most memorable days in the history of Italy. Three million people, young and old, made their way towards the heart of the ancient city of Rome, writes Clare Doyle.

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22 March 2002

Italian Working Class Moves Into Action

THE RIGHT-WING Berlusconi government has provoked a tidal wave of anger and struggle from the Italian workers, culminating in the three main trade union confederations agreeing to call a general strike in April, writes Peter Taaffe

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22 February 2002

Revolt From Below At Berlusconi's Attacks: Thousands march in Rome

THE WORKERS and young people of Italy are locked in a mighty battle with the right-wing Berlusconi government, writes a CWI member, Rome.

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16 November 2001

150,000 Say "No To War" In Rome

"A three-one win to us!" were the words of one happy anti-war demonstrator in Rome last week-end. Some estimates make the score between the rival demonstrations on 10 November even higher. 30,000 at...

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27 July 2001

On the march against capitalism

ONCE AGAIN, as at the time of the anti-EU protests in Gothenburg, the media of the world has concentrated almost exclusively on the violent confrontations in Genoa, instead of showing why the majority of the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators were there and what they are saying...

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18 May 2001

Italian general election: Mr Big buys his way to power

RIGHT-WING BILLIONAIRE Silvio Berlusconi, has won the Italian general election...

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