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8 October 2014

Correction: Labour's private health links are worse!

Following our article on 'Labour: no real alternative' in last week's issue of the Socialist we received an email from the corporate communications manager of private health company Bupa

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24 March 2010

MPs: in it for the money

FIVE THOUSAND pounds seems to be the favourite figure of Stephen Byers, who for the past five years has commanded this fee for regular speaking appearances and newspaper articles...

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24 March 2010

'MPs for hire' scandal

More parliamentary sleaze: "I'M A bit like a cab for hire," said former Blairite government minister Stephen Byers to an undercover reporter who was posing as a company lobbyist, writes Dave Carr.

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24 March 2010

Hewitt's big business alliance

MANY MPs accept money from big companies. This is in addition to direct company donations to the main parties. Why do these companies give cash? It's obvious isn't it - to get influence over government...

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15 March 2007

Hewitt's 'day of exchange'

WATCHED BY local BBC and ITN camera crews, UNISON and RCN stewards/reps from across the East Midlands protested outside Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt's surgery on 3 March...

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13 July 2006

Hewitt hides from health protesters

Protesting health workers and patients in Leicester
HEALTH SECRETARY Patricia Hewitt hid from protesting health workers and patients from her own area last Saturday, 8 July. 300 people took part in the march in Leicester in protest against health service cuts and privatisation, writes Steve Score, Leicester Socialist Party.

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27 April 2006


PATRICIA HEWITT, Blair's health secretary, claims the National Health Service is having its "best year ever." Millions of people think she's talking total rubbish! Labour's attacks on the NHS are making hospital trusts all over the country threaten to sack workers, cut beds and close hospitals or wards.
Andy Bentley, Stoke-on-Trent Socialist Party, writes.

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27 April 2006

Hewitt 'isolated from real world'

THE NATIONAL Health Service is still by far the biggest political issue in most areas of the country. Patricia Hewitt's foolish comment that the NHS was having its best ever year is treated with derision...

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