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14 January 2009

Building ISR and Socialist Students in 2009

On Sunday 11 January youth activists from Socialist Students and International Socialist Resistance (ISR) from across England and Wales converged for a joint national meeting in central London, writes Stephen Burrell.

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14 January 2009

Fight for your future: what ISR campaigns for

Brown and Co want to make young people pay for the economic crisis. That means higher education fees, low pay and unemployment. International Socialist Resistance launched the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign...

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25 June 2008

Thousands show their hatred for racism

On Saturday 21 June several thousand people marched against the far-right, racist British National Party (BNP) on the Love Music Hate Racism demonstration, writes Kat Jayawant and Sarah Sachs-Eldridge.

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4 June 2008

Students step-up struggle

School students are angry. Over the last six weeks, thousands have walked out in protest against the running down of the education system, writes Ben Robinson, ISR national co-ordinator.

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7 May 2008

Racist BNP have no solutions!

ISR mounts London protest Around 70 International Socialist Resistance (ISR) members and supporters joined the first protest against the BNP's newly-won seat on the London Assembly, writes Ben Robinson, ISR national organiser.

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12 March 2008

School student strikes

Iraq war - five years ago: On the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq we look back at the inspiring actions of school and college students that took place in opposition to the war...

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21 June 2007

Why you should join ISR

War, low pay, top-up fees, climate change, racism; this is why you should join International Socialist Resistance (ISR). ...

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7 June 2007

Young people: a bright future... or different shades of grey

What's facing young people today?: YOUNG PEOPLE today are more likely to be regarded by the government and the bosses' press as a threat and a nuisance, rather than the next generation that needs encouragement and development...

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31 May 2007

No to McJobs

On the picket line at the Ritzy

On the picket line at the Ritzy

WORKERS AT Brixton's famous Ritzy cinema in south London were on strike on 26 May, aiming to secure themselves a living wage.

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17 May 2007

Join ISR in a summer of protest!

International Socialist Resistance (ISR) have planned a summer of campaigning and activity. Do you want to be a part of it? ...

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17 May 2007

Protest against the G8 Rostock 2007

ISR demonstrating at the G8 in Edinburgh 2005

ISR demonstrating at the G8 in Edinburgh 2005

One hypocrite will now replace another! Blair has been recounting his so-called achievements and includes among them his so-called triumph at the July...

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3 May 2007

Yorkshire ISR and Socialist Students day of action

ISR and Socialist Students campaigners from Huddersfield, Wakefield, Leeds and Sheffield took part in a Huddersfield day of action to support Socialist Students and Socialist Party member Ian Slattery....

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12 April 2007

Join the International Youth Camp

G8 Summit June 2007: HUNDREDS OF thousands of people were on Edinburgh's streets in 2005 for the Make Poverty History demonstration organised around the G8 summit in Gleneagles...

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22 March 2007

Young people get organised

ISR conference 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

ISR conference 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

ISR/Socialist Students conference: STUDENTS, YOUNG people and young workers gathered in London on 18 March for the Socialist Students and International Socialist Resistance (ISR) annual conference...

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8 March 2007

Young workers: Fight for your rights!

ISR conference 2006, photo Marc Vallee

ISR conference 2006, photo Marc Vallee

Come to ISR conference Since the terrible shootings of three young people in south London, ministers have put on their caring faces and are giving advice on how young people can secure a decent future...

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1 March 2007

Protesting across the country

Huddersfield Campaign to defeat fees, photo Ian Slattery

Huddersfield Campaign to defeat fees, photo Ian Slattery

Campaign to Defeat Fees: HUNDREDS OF students in many areas took action as part of the Campaign to Defeat Fees (CDF) day of action on 22 February. This ranged from big protests to petitioning and stunts on the issues of student debt and top-up fees.

The action took place in over 40 colleges and universities, with more to follow this week when colleges come back from half term. Matt Dobson, Socialist Students national co-ordinator has compiled reports from the day of action.

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11 January 2007

ISR and Socialist Students' conference - a political voice for young people

COME TO ISR and Socialist Students' conference on Sunday 18 March - put the date in your diary now...

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12 October 2006

Campaigning in the schools and colleges

"Can I get other people I know involved too?" asked one of the college students who we met at Southwark college. At other colleges where International Socialist Resistance (ISR) and Socialist Students have been meeting, writes Ben Robinson ISR national co-ordimator...

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14 September 2006

When Bonio met Tonio

"TONY, TONY, Tony – out, out, out" was probably the first thing Tony Blair heard when he visited Quintin Kynaston school in London last week. His plans for a flattering ‘meet and greet’ fell through somewhat when news of his visit was leaked to the students and the NUT.

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24 August 2006

Tony Blair takes the biscuit...

Bringing poodle Blair his bone
...so let's give him one at schools and colleges around the country!
Many young people see Tony Blair as a poodle to the foreign policy of warmonger George Bush...

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