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22 October 2008

Fighting for youth in Lewisham

Interview with Natalie Powell-Davies, 14, recently elected as deputy youth mayor for Lewisham...

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4 June 2008

London Youth Against Racism activity

The London Youth against Racism in Europe (YRE) and International Socialist Resistance (ISR) protests against the election of a member of the British National Party to the London Assembly drew together politicised young people...

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4 June 2008

Students step-up struggle

School students are angry. Over the last six weeks, thousands have walked out in protest against the running down of the education system, writes Ben Robinson, ISR national co-ordinator.

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14 May 2008

The BNP have no solutions...and no clue!

On the morning of 9 May our second protest against the British National Party (BNP) took place as the newly elected Greater London Assembly met for the first time since the election on 1 May.

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21 June 2007

Why you should join ISR

War, low pay, top-up fees, climate change, racism; this is why you should join International Socialist Resistance (ISR). ...

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7 June 2007

Young people: a bright future... or different shades of grey

What's facing young people today?: YOUNG PEOPLE today are more likely to be regarded by the government and the bosses' press as a threat and a nuisance, rather than the next generation that needs encouragement and development...

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31 May 2007

No to McJobs

On the picket line at the Ritzy

On the picket line at the Ritzy

WORKERS AT Brixton's famous Ritzy cinema in south London were on strike on 26 May, aiming to secure themselves a living wage.

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17 May 2007

Join ISR in a summer of protest!

International Socialist Resistance (ISR) have planned a summer of campaigning and activity. Do you want to be a part of it? ...

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26 April 2007

Campaigning for socialist ideas in South Wales

Wales International Socialist Resistance campaigning

Wales International Socialist Resistance campaigning

"Could I have a copy of your paper - I want to piss the Labour Party off" a worker said as we campaigned against hospital cutbacks in Aberdare in the South Wales valleys, next to the Labour Party's little red balloon campa...

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22 March 2007

Young people get organised

ISR conference 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

ISR conference 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

ISR/Socialist Students conference: STUDENTS, YOUNG people and young workers gathered in London on 18 March for the Socialist Students and International Socialist Resistance (ISR) annual conference...

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15 March 2007

International Socialist Resistance (ISR) and Socialist Students conference

Tickets £3/£5. Send cheques to PO Box 858, London E11 1YD. Call 020 8558 7947 for more info...

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8 March 2007

Young workers: Fight for your rights!

ISR conference 2006, photo Marc Vallee

ISR conference 2006, photo Marc Vallee

Come to ISR conference Since the terrible shootings of three young people in south London, ministers have put on their caring faces and are giving advice on how young people can secure a decent future...

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22 February 2007

No to Trident!

RIDING PILLION behind Bush, Blair has embroiled Britain in disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...

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25 January 2007

Building for the 22 February Day of Action

Campaign to Defeat Fees, Brighton: The disgusting claim from a Guardian survey of 40 university vice-chancellors that fees would need to rise to £10,000 per year shows the urgent need for a mass united campaign against fees...

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14 September 2006

When Bonio met Tonio

"TONY, TONY, Tony – out, out, out" was probably the first thing Tony Blair heard when he visited Quintin Kynaston school in London last week. His plans for a flattering ‘meet and greet’ fell through somewhat when news of his visit was leaked to the students and the NUT.

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27 July 2006

Young people in revolt

Three million on the streets of France, a million in Chile. 415 out of 456 colleges occupied in Greece. Mass student rallies and demonstrations in Germany. Young people are fighting for their future all around the world. Ben Robinson examines why these events are taking place and what links them.

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20 July 2006

Low pay, no way!

PRIMARK PAYS peanuts!" "BBC are misers!" "New park nursery - charges parents a fortune, pays workers a pittance". Young people around the country are adding managers, supervisors and well-known retail chains to ISR 'walls of shame' that name these Scrooge bosses, writes Ben Robinson, ISR national coordinator.

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13 July 2006

Low Pay,No Way!

ISR campaign against poverty pay: YOUNG AND working this summer? Chances are it's a low paid 'McJob', a job with no opportunities to get better pay, and no job security where we can be hired and fired seemingly at will. Or so it seems, writes Tom Penman, Leicester ISR.

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29 June 2006

Young people - fight for your rights!

Cardiff ISR campaigns against low pay
Feature: Fed up with bullying bosses, long hours and unsafe working conditions? As young people, we very often end up in low-paid shop, bar, catering or factory work. Often these jobs are casual or part-time in unsafe conditions.

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9 March 2006

Fighting for a socialist future

ISR Conference 2006
On Saturday 4 March young people gathered in London to discuss the fight for their future and to democratically agree on a strategy and a programme for that struggle...

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