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From: Article posted to home page Notebook, 26 November 2019: Brief articles and notes on the Socialist Party website

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Leninism under LENIN by Marcel Liebman (477 pgs) 16.95

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POLITICAL PROFILES by Leon Trotsky (171 pgs) 4.95

ROSA LUXEMBURG by Paul Frolich (329 pgs) 17.99

RED ROSA: Graphic Biography of Rosa Luxemburg by Kate Evans (217 pgs) 11.99

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ALEXANDRA KOLLONTAI by Cathy Porter (498 pgs) 22.50

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One Long Night by MARIA JOFFE (248 pgs Hardback) 8.00

OTTO BAUER [1881-1938] Thinker and Politician by Ewa Czerwinska-Schupp (388 pgs) 24.99

From LENIN to STALIN by Victor Serge (216 pgs) 15.00

Notebook of an Agitator- JAMES P. CANNON from Wobblies to Korean War (490 pgs) 21.00

The Rebel Girl - ELIZABETH GURLEY FLYNN (351 pgs) 12.95

The Autobiography of MALCOLM X (512 pgs) 9.99

CHE GUEVARA Symbol of Stroggle by Tony Saunois (90 pgs) 5.00

CHE; A Graphic Biography by Spain Rodriguez (Large format 106 pgs) 9.99

KEIR HARDIE - Serfdom to Socialism. Intro Ed by John Callow (176 pgs) 13.00

MAURICE BISHOP: Grenada Revolution. Intros & Background by S.Clark & A Hutchinson (510 pgs) 19.00

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General strike (325)

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Marx (139)

Marxism (117)

Marxist (113)

Materialism (21)

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Philosophy (13)

Proletariat (5)

Revolution (550)

Russian (158)

Sans-culottes (7)

Soviet Union (35)

Stalinism (61)

Transitional Programme (28)

Trotsky (148)

Trotskyism (47)

Working class (861)

soviet (51)

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Article dated 26 November 2019

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