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7 April 2014

30 years ago: The Broad Left Organising Committee's huge impact

30 years ago a national conference took place in Sheffield organised by BLOC. The meeting coincided with the start of the miners' strike in March 1984, writes Bill Mullins

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26 March 2014

Workplace news in brief

HCA strike: Over 68% of Unite members at the Homes and Communities Agency voted for strike action over the divisive and unfair way that the Agency has chosen to allocate pay

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29 January 2014

NSSN launched in south of England

Trade unionists and anti-cuts campaigners from all over the South of England gathered in Bracknell on 18 January to launch the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) in the region

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15 January 2014

Workplace news in brief

NSSN affiliate: The Probation Officers union Napo has become the eighth national union to affiliate to the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN)

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Part of the 16 November demo to save Portsmouth shipyards, photo Dave Carr

20 November 2013

Portsmouth: 'Save the yards, nationalise'

The fight to save jobs at Portsmouth dockyards continued on 16 November with 300 trade unionists giving support and solidarity

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TUC demonstration in Manchester against Tory Party conference 29/09/13 demands Save our NHS, photo Paul Mattsson

Pic: Paul Mattsson

2 October 2013

Fighting to defend our NHS

On 29 September well over 50,000 protesters descended on Manchester to tell the Tories they are not welcome in the city. Socialist Party members from across Greater Manchester joined a 400-strong feeder march from Salford, writes Matt Kilsby

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NSSN lobby of TUC, 8.9.13, photo Alison Hill

10 September 2013

NSSN rally calls for mass action to stop the cuts

The hundreds of trade union activists who attended the NSSN rally and lobby of the TUC on Sunday will have left certain that the boiling anger at the tsunami of austerity is pointing towards an autumn of important battles.
Along with this is an ever-growing call for the TUC to name the date for a 24-hour general strike.

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10 July 2013

Lobby the TUC for 24-hour strike!

At a well-attended July branch meeting, Bracknell Unite supported the NSSN's call for a lobby of the TUC at Bournemouth on 8 September

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3 July 2013

Model motion from the NSSN

TUC - name the day for a 24-hour general strike

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NSSN 7th annual conference June 2013, photo by Senan

NSSN 7th annual conference June 2013, photo by Senan

3 July 2013

National Shop Stewards Network seventh annual conference

There has been no pause in the Con-Dems' vicious austerity drive. The spending review included a further 11.5 billion of cuts. Councils will face a 10% budget cut from 2015. Automatic annual pay progression

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Part of the audience at NSSN conference, 29.6.13, photo Senan

1 July 2013

NSSN conference - trade unionists discuss strategy to defeat government's austerity

The NSSN conference brought together 400 activists on 29 June. A key topic for discussion was how to make the demand for a 24-hour general strike a reality.

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TUC demo 20 October 2012 with placard calling for a 24 hour general strike , photo Senan

TUC demo, 20 October 2012

19 June 2013

Cuts can be beaten!

Trade unions - call a 24-hour general strike: The People's Assembly on 22 June has attracted considerable support, which shows the widespread anger against government cuts. It should express unequivocal support for a 24-hour general strike to indicate the way to success in defeating the cuts

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19 June 2013

Wales Shop Stewards' Network conference

At the WSSN conference on 8 June, some of the trade union movement's most determined leaders discussed the austerity onslaught and what we're going to do about it

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19 June 2013

Sir 'sell-out' Brendan

That former TUC general secretary Brendan Barber is now 'Sir' Brendan will come as no surprise to any union activist who saw the pensions dispute destroyed in 2011, writes Alex Davidson.

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19 June 2013

Why we're going to the NSSN conference: Coventry communications workers

Seven delegates will be heading down to the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) conference from the two CWU branches in Coventry, writes Lenny Shail.

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National Shop Stewards Network demonstration and lobby of the TUC 11 September 2011 , photo by Paul Mattsson

National Shop Stewards Network demonstration and lobby of the TUC 11 September 2011 , photo by Paul Mattsson

12 June 2013

Build for mass anti-cuts action

Come to the National Shop Stewards Network conference 29 June
The National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) annual conference is only two weeks away! On Saturday 29 June, trade unionists and anti-cuts campaigners will come together in a vital meeting

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Maidstone PCS picket, eight on the picket lines, sends fraternal greetings to the NSSN - we'll be sending delegates to the conference on June 29th. Solidarity!

5 June 2013

NSSN conference: Unite to fight all the cuts

Pay cuts, jobs cuts, pension cuts, low pay, high rents, Bedroom Tax... The National Shop Stewards Network conference on 29 June will bring together trade unionists and anti-cuts campaigners to discuss action over the coming months.

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1 May 2013

The real meaning of May Day

Millions of workers around the world will be marking May Day today (1st May) and over the next few days

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Martin Powell Davies speaking at the NSSN's lobby of the TUC, Rob Williams on right,  24.4.13, photo by N Cafferky

24 April 2013

TUC: Set the date for a 24-hour general strike!

Up to 200 trade unionists, workers and campaigners lobbied the TUC general council this morning, 24th April

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