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TUC demo 20 October 2012 with placard calling for a 24 hour general strike , photo Senan

TUC demo 20 October 2012 with placard calling for a 24 hour general strike , photo Senan

17 April 2013

Time to name the day for a 24-hour general strike

No ifs, no buts...: The death of Thatcher has revealed the deep class polarisation that existed under her governments and still exists in British society, writes Rob Williams, Socialist Party industrial organiser.

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photo Paul Mattsson

photo Paul Mattsson

17 April 2013

Say to the TUC: Fight back!

Time for a 24-hour general strike The poorest face swingeing cuts; disabled people are penalised even more; and to top it all, cuts to housing benefit for the 'crime' of having a so-called spare bedroom have kicked in

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PCS strike on budget day, 20 March 2013 with NSSN 24 hour general strike placard, photo Paul Mattsson

PCS strike on budget day, 20 March 2013 with NSSN 24 hour general strike placard, photo Paul Mattsson

27 March 2013

PCS budget day strike - M20

Reports from the picket lines and rallies

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PCS stage outside parliament, with screen showing Budget speech, 20.3.13, photo Sarah Sachs Eldridge

20 March 2013

Budget continues onslaught on living standards

As expected and feared, chancellor George Osborne's budget has driven on with the austerity that is massively eroding workers' living standards, while utterly failing to improve the economy

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NSSN lobby of the TUC 2012, photo Arti

15 March 2013

NSSN to lobby TUC General Council on 24 April

The National Shop Stewards Network has called a lobby of the next TUC general council, urging it to name a date for a general strike

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13 March 2013

Workplace news in brief

Rail cleaners strike: Cleaners working for Churchill on Arriva Trains Wales will be on 24-hour strike on 16 March. The RMT members have voted by 9:1 for action over pay and terms and conditions...

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12 December 2012

Blacklisting: 'we will fight for justice in every way'

National Shop Stewards Network chair, Rob Williams, recently interviewed Dave Smith, a blacklisted construction worker.

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12 December 2012

Workers will fight austerity

Rob Williams, NSSN national chair, replied to an article "The British have no fight in them any more" by Nick Cohen in the 9 December Observer..

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Lobbying the TUC for a 24-hour general strike, 11.12.12, photo Paul Mattsson

11 December 2012

Trade unionists lobby TUC for 24-hour general strike

Video added 12/12/12. On 11th December, 100 trade unionists joined the National Shop Stewards' Network to lobby the TUC general council

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5 December 2012

Yorkshire NSSN plans for future battles

The Yorkshire Shop Stewards Network conference held in Leeds on 24 November was attended by 45 delegates from 14 different trade unions from Hull, Scunthorpe, Sheffield, York, Harrogate and West Yorkshire...

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21 November 2012

Workplace news in brief

Tube strike: RMT members working for Tubelines on London Underground are due to strike on 23 November. This is over pensions and travel facilities...

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19 November 2012

National Shop Stewards Network to lobby next TUC council

The NSSN is organising a lobby of the TUC general council when it meets on Tuesday 11th December, to call for the naming of a date for a 24-hour general strike

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31 October 2012

Scottish NSSN launches 24-hr general strike campaign

The National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) conference in Glasgow on 27th October heard uplifting reports from an array of trade unionists from the public and private sector in Scotland on the theme of fighting the austerity onslaught and building towards a 24-hour general strike

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22 October 2012

After the 20th October TUC demo

Meetings to discuss the next steps - All welcome

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Build a 24-hour general strike, photo by  Socialist Party

17 October 2012

We want a 24-hour general strike!

The National Shop Stewards Network spent the last few months helping build the TUC demonstrations in London, Glasgow and Belfast, writes Rob Williams, NSSN national chair.

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16 October 2012

Distribute NSSN leaflets on Saturday's TUC march

The National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) has spent the last few months helping to build for Saturday's TUC demonstrations in London, Glasgow and Belfast...

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19 September 2012

All forces to the point of attack against austerity

Editorial of the Socialist A rage is building up. How can it be any other way? Every aspect of our lives is under threat - and the people attacking us, the pro-big business politicians, the bosses and the right-wing media, are sitting pretty

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19 September 2012

NSSN supporter invited to address RMT

Building solidarity across the trade unions: On 14 September I turned up at a meeting of the transport union RMT in Plymouth, hoping to give out a few leaflets for the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN), writes Alex Moore.

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NSSN march to lobby TUC, Brighton, 9.9.12, photo Sarah Mayo

10 September 2012

NSSN lobby demands a 24-hour general strike

Given the weather forecast, Brighton was the obvious destination on Sunday 9 September. But for up to 1,000 trade unionists and anti-cuts activists, the appeal wasn’t just a day in the sun.

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