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28 June 2007

Nigeria: Four-day general strike ends

THE LATEST general strike in Nigeria ended on 23 June when the trade union leaders accepted a government offer that granted most, but not all, of their demands....

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2 May 2007

Free Arrested activists now

Nigeria: The Nigerian government, fearing mass protests against its blatant rigging of the April 14 state and April 21 national elections, attempted to clamp down on any sign of active opposition at the May 1 rallies

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26 April 2007

Nigerian elections - a dangerous farce

EVEN BY the standards of Nigeria's previous elections this April's state and national elections were a complete farce....

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11 January 2007

The Lagos oil pipeline tragedy was avoidable

Nigeria letter: IMMEDIATELY AFTER the devastating oil pipeline explosion on Boxing Day in Lagos, Nigeria, in which 265 mainly poor people were killed, the Democratic Socialist Movement, (DSM - the Socialist Party's counterpart in Nigeria) i...

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24 November 2005

Demo opposes deportations

AROUND 500 people joined the demonstration called in Manchester by unions and asylum support groups...

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30 June 2005

Workers and poor rise up against poverty

THE G8 countries' debt relief programme is soaked in cynicism and hypocrisy. ...

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6 November 2004

Fourth general strike in ten months in Nigeria

FACED WITH the Nigerian government's refusal to reverse September's 25% jump in fuel prices Nigeria's trades unions and radical opposition have called another general strike on 16 November - the seventh since June 2000...

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23 October 2004

After the General Strike

Nigeria: BETWEEN 11 and 14 October, for the third time this year, the overwhelming majority of Nigerians showed their opposition to the continual rise in fuel prices in a totally effective four-day general strike...

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16 October 2004

'Solid' General Strike in Nigeria Shows Fury At Elite

NIGERIA'S FIFTH general strike since June 2000 stopped the entire country when the four-day stoppage started on 11 October. This protest was again provoked by a jump in fuel prices...

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2 October 2004

Oil Prices Break $50 A Barrel Mark

WORLD OIL prices continue to rise with the price of US light crude breaking the $50 a barrel mark for a period last week - its highest price for 21 years...

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18 September 2004

Nigerian Workers Must Fight Anti-Union Law

ON 9 September the Nigerian Senate passed, at record speed, a draft law proposed by President Obasanjo. If implemented, it would severely weaken Nigeria's trade unions...

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19 June 2004

General Strike Stops Nigeria But Union Leaders Have No Answers

FOR THREE days, 9-11 June, Nigeria came to an almost complete halt in the fourth general strike in four years as workers and poor once again moved into action...

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12 June 2004

Obituary - Rotimi Ewebiyi (1963-2004)

THE COMMITTEE for a Workers' International (CWI) deeply regrets to announce the death, at the age of 41, of Rotimi Ewebiyi, a leader of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) in Nigeria and a member of the CWI's International Executive Committee (IEC)...

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3 April 2004

CWI Appeal: Nigeria Members Arrested

Members of the Democratic Socialist Movement, our section in South Africa contacted us yesterday to report the violent breakup of a peaceful protest against housing conditions and the subsequent arrest of 14 demonstrators from Mount Moriah, outside Durban.

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22 November 2003

CWI - Building Socialism Worldwide

THE SOCIALIST Party is a member of the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) which has sister organisations in more than 36 countries across the globe, writes Tanja Niemeier.

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18 October 2003

Nigeria: General Strike Suspended After Government Backs Down

IN LATE September, Nigerians were outraged when the government suddenly deregulated the price of fuel leading to an immediate 15% jump in prices...

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12 July 2003

Nigeria: Leaders End Mighty General Strike

THE EIGHT-DAY Nigerian general strike, which ended on 8 July, was a marvellous demonstration of the strength of the working class and the weakness of the political class, writes Robert Bechert, Committee for a Workers' International (CWI).

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5 July 2003

Fuel price rises provoke general strike in Nigeria

NIGERIA CAME to a halt on 30 June as millions supported the general strike called by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) in protest at a massive 54% fuel price rise...

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26 April 2003

Nigerian presidential elections Obasanjo's Poisoned Victory

AMID GROWING charges of vote rigging Olusegun Obasanjo seems to be on course to be declared winner of Nigeria's bitterly contested 19 April Presidential election...

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7 March 2003

International Women's Day

TO CELEBRATE International Women's Day (8 March), the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) - the socialist International which the Socialist Party in England and Wales is affiliated to - is organising a speaking tour by Titi Rasheed of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) in Nigeria.

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