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24 February 2021

Social care: End privatisation and let workers decide how it's run

When Boris Johnson became prime minister in July 2019, he promised to "fix the crisis in social care once and for all"

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7 October 2020

Contact tracer speaks out: privatised system 'in chaos'

On Saturday 3 October, at 2pm, I got a text from NHS Professionals: "CALL TO ACTION we have an urgent requirement to fill additional shifts this weekend. Please log on to book into shifts."

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4 January 2017

No to 'Ceta' privatisation treaty stitch-up

The government is pressing ahead with hush-hush free-trade deal 'Ceta', which will further entrench privatisation and anti-worker practices. The Socialist says no to this privatisers' charter.

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16 November 2016

Privatisation and the 'race to the bottom'

Feature about privatisation including: Casualisation in education, health service workers - a history of struggle and fighting trade unions - key to defending conditions.

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16 September 2015

Ministry of Justice : Stop this privatisation scandal!

Michael Gove, Tory hatchet man and Minister for 'Justice', last seen terrorising the education system, is now at the centre of the looming privatisation of court fine collection, writes Tessa Warrington.

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14 January 2015

Join the socialists to fight privatisation

They're everywhere! Money-grubbing, private claws - sinking talons into our public services and workers' pay and conditions, writes Sarah Sachs-Eldridge, Socialist Party national organiser.

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17 September 2014

Oppose the TTIP agreement

TTIP is a multi-billion dollar agreement between the US and EU guaranteeing access to public services for giant corporations to make vast profits - irrespective of the destructive impact on these services - as Vladimir Bortun explains

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26 March 2014

Jobmatch: yet another fiasco of privatisation

In the two years since its introduction, the Universal Jobmatch website has been riddled with problems

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30 October 2013

Probation workers strike against privatisation

As probation workers prepare to strike on 5 and 6 November, confidence is growing that privatisation can be defeated, writes Chas Berry, Chair, Kent National Association of Probation Officers ( Napo).

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17 July 2013

G4S tagging scandal: another failure of privatisation

The privatisation of public services has been a major disaster for the victims of this lust for profits

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Caerphilly march for A&E, photo by Becky Davis

Caerphilly march for A&E, photo by Becky Davis

20 February 2013

Mid Staffs hospital scandal: Cuts, PFI and big business to blame

Local Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) supporters and Socialist Party members were out in Stafford on 16 February, campaigning over the future of Stafford hospital, writes Andy Bentley.

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6 February 2013

Workplace news in brief

No privatisation: PCS members at the Ministry of Justice in Manchester (MoJ) staged a well supported two hour walkout last week. This was in protest at plans to privatise the court fines collection service, writes Alex Davidson.

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9 January 2013

More Tory privatisation

The Tories plan that the National Health Service will have to pay over 100 private firms to treat patients in a major expansion of privatisation...

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G4S van, photo G4S Ltd

25 July 2012

Outsourcing fails again. For publicly owned and run services!

The Olympics G4S security debacle has further increased public opposition to privatisation. But for G4S at present, its failure to deliver on its contract will merely dent its massive profits

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18 July 2012

Them... & Us

Record breakers: A recent survey of recruitment consultants found that the number of vacancies, both temporary and permanent, had declined at the sharpest rate in three years, writes Paul Callanan.

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11 July 2012

Fight Profit From Illness

South London Healthcare Trust has effectively gone bankrupt. That news will not surprise health workers and socialists who follow the nightmare of PFI (Private Finance Initiative). The PFI scheme threatens...

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25 January 2012

Pontefract hospital: Army withdrawn - now kick out PFI!

At Pontefract hospital in West Yorkshire NHS bosses had been in discussion about using army medics to help run the accident and emergency unit, writes Adrian O'Malley, Unison Mid Yorkshire Health branch secretary (personal capacity).

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March to save the NHS 17 May 2011, photo Paul Mattsson

March to save the NHS 17 May 2011, photo Paul Mattsson

28 September 2011

PFI schemes - a national scandal

Stop the health service cutbacks!: Tory health secretary, Andrew Lansley, has said that 60 hospitals in 22 National Health Service (NHS) Trusts are facing severe financial difficulties and are making cutbacks because of rip-off payments owed under Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts...

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3 August 2011

The great PFI schools rip off - once again!

Before the 2010 general election Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg was correct when he said Private Finance Initiative (PFI) schemes are "a bit of dodgy accounting - a way in which the government can pretend they're not borrowing when they are

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Better to break the law than break the poor: National Shop Stewards Network placard

13 July 2011

Hidden by hacking scandal, Cameron seeks wholesale privatisation of services

A major attempted theft has been obscured from public view by the phone hacking scandal. On Monday 11 July prime minister David Cameron launched a White Paper, 'Open Public Services', writes Sarah Sachs-Eldridge.

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Leicester picket on the 21st strike day (22nd Feb) of around 7,000 British Gas engineers.  They are fighting against

Leicester picket on the 21st strike day (22nd Feb) of around 7,000 British Gas engineers. They are fighting against 'fire and rehire' - designed to worsen terms and conditions. Photo by Steve Score, Leicester Socialist Party

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