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8 November 2017

PFI privateers dodge tax

Top privatisation companies don't even pay taxes on the profits they leech out of public services

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28 May 2008

Johnson's Prince of Darkness

LONDON'S NEW Tory mayor Boris Johnson has appointed a ruthless private equity businessman as his "first deputy mayor" in charge of transport, writes Roger Shrives.

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13 February 2008

Tangled web at Metronet

OUTRAGEOUS, SCANDALOUS, disgraceful... are a few of the printable words to describe the government's 2 billion bail-out of Metronet - the failed London... By Simon Carter

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23 January 2008

SNP 'trusts' are PFI in disguise

THE SNP-led Scottish government has published a consultation paper setting out its 'alternative' to the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) schemes in Scotland... By Brian Smith, Glasgow Unison social work services secretary, personal capacity

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10 January 2008

Pakistan: Mass opposition to Musharraf regime after Benazir killing

BENAZIR BHUTTO, leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), was killed in a suicide attack after addressing a public rally in Rawalpindi on 27 December...

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17 October 2007

The vultures are circling ever closer

Vulture, cartoon Alan Hardman

Vulture, cartoon Alan Hardman

NHS privatisation: FOURTEEN PRIVATE multinational companies will shortly be 'helping' England's primary care trusts (PCTs) commission services for patients... By Roger Shrives

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26 July 2007

Metronet walks away from trouble...

LAST WEEK Metronet, the private company that maintained and upgraded two-thirds of London's underground (LUL) network under the notorious public-private partnership (PPP), called in the administrators....

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19 July 2007

Metronet - bankrupt firm, bankrupt PPP

METRONET, THE private company responsible for maintaining and upgrading two-thirds of London's underground network under the notorious public-private partnership PPP scheme (part-privatisation), is heading for administration...

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29 March 2007

London Olympics: Big business bonanza - and we pay

CULTURE SECRETARY Tessa Jowell recently announced that the 2012 Olympic games to be staged in east London, will cost an estimated 9.3 billion...

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21 April 2005

Renationalise London's tube

METRONET IS a consortium of big private companies that controls two-thirds of London Underground's (LU's) infrastructure...

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7 April 2005

Pakistan - a powder keg ready to explode

Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary
SOCIALIST PARTY general secretary Peter Taaffe (left) was recently on a speaking tour of south Asia...

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6 December 2003

London Underground: Why We Are Working To Rule

RMT MEMBERS on London Underground will start a 48-hour work to rule on Tuesday 9 December unless the latest negotiations are successful, writes A London Underground RMT member.

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15 November 2003

A Decade On The Wrong Tracks

FEW PEOPLE are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Tory Transport Act which ushered in rail privatisation. Shareholders in the private rail companies are an exception of course...

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1 November 2003

London Underground: Strike Back Against Privatisation

EVERY WARNING has been ignored and the result is exactly as the rail unions said all along. Two derailments on London Underground within 36 hours show that tube safety has been sacrificed on the altar...

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25 October 2003

London Underground: How Workers Made The Bosses Listen

ON FRIDAY night, 17 October the Piccadilly Line of London Underground had a cracked running rail that it was estimated had been broken for four or five months...

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23 August 2002

Public Services Not Private Greed

Privatisation is a con, it's official. Parliament's public accounts committee recently warned that it was impossible to tell whether the returns for industry from privatisation...

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19 July 2002

Safety Before Profit!

NEW EVIDENCE of the responsibility of private contractors for the Potters Bar rail crash emerges almost daily, but still tube-workers have to walk out on strike to stop the government handing control of London Underground's tracks to the same firms, writes Bill Johnson, RMT.

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17 May 2002

Privatisation Has Ruined Rail Safety

A RAILWAY engineer told The Socialist how the safety of passengers and staff has been compromised under privatisation and explained rail workers' attitude towards disaster such as that at Potters Bar

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27 April 2001

Tube workers: If we stick together, we can win

THE STRIKES against the government's PPP proposals for tube privatisation have been the most successful action on London Underground for years, writes Bill Johnson, RMT member London Underground.

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2 February 2001

Back the Tube Workers

LONDON UNDERGROUND workers have voted overwhelmingly for strike action against privatisation of the tube (PPP), writes Bill Johnson, RMT member and London Underground worker.

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