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5 August 2015

Them & Us

Brief dispatches on the utter hypocrisy of bosses and their politicians.

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15 July 2015

Reverse social care sell-offs

As people live longer, more and more are likely to need care services when they get older, writes Jean Thorpe, Nottingham Socialist Party.

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1 July 2015

Government reneges on rail modernisation pledge

Last week transport secretary Patrick Mcloughlin announced that Network Rail's 38.5 billion modernisation plan for Britain's railways has been postponed. This underscores the government's intentions of yet more savage cuts in public spending.

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9 April 2014

Furious lobby against service privatisation

Manchester council unions are opposing plans to totally privatise rubbish collection and street cleaning

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22 January 2014

Stop the NHS sell-off

Oppose all cuts and privatisation: The National Health Service is still being privatised bit by bit but the process is speeding up rapidly

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5 December 2013

Sussex: Suspended occupation student speaks to Socialist Students

Five students have been suspended at Sussex University for taking part in an occupation. One of the five spoke to Socialist Students NUS executive member Edmund Schluessel on 4 December

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16 August 2012

Cut rail fares! Renationalise the railways!

Privatisation is a Tory con! Since the railways were privatised they have been subsidised by 3 billion a year more than when they were state-owned. The collapse of Railtrack cost a further 20 billion...

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7 March 2012

Cops and big business robbers

G4S has controversially been given a 200 million deal to build and run a police station in Lincolnshire. But what are its credentials for this contract? asks Derek McMillan.

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21 September 2011

Private rail companies - a licence to print money

Tory transport secretary Philip Hammond recently described Britain's railways as a "rich man's toy"...

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24 March 2011

And privatise what's left...

Alongside the cuts the Tories are planning mass privatisation. Part of the reason for the cuts in public sector workers pay, conditions and pensions is to make buying up public services a more attractive...

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2 June 2010

No to privatised academies: Defend public education

THE NEW government has put the whole future of comprehensive state education under threat, writes Martin Powell-Davies, NUT executive (personal capacity).

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31 March 2009

No to privatised polyclinics

PROTESTERS TURNED up at the Waldron Health Centre in New Cross, south London, on the morning of 30 March to see New Labour health minister Alan Johnson inspect the new expanded centre, writes Roger Shrives.

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10 December 2008

Water - essential of life or blue gold?

Flooding in Gloucester, photo Chris Moore

Lack of flood prevention investment by Severn Trent Water was a prime factor in the floods in Gloucestershire, photo Chris Moore

FRESH WATER IS now talked of in some business circles as 'blue gold', just as oil is called 'black gold'. In these three articles, ROGER SHRIVES draws attention to some of the issues arising from the scandalous private exploitation of water, and calls for water supplies and sewerage to be taken out of the hands of profit-making multinationals.

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10 January 2008

The privateers are taking over

UNDER THE gleeful heading "Private sector role in public services explodes," the Financial Times reported that the private sector's supply of public services "now makes a bigger contribution to the economy than pharmaceut...

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6 December 2007

Rail fares unfair

THE PRIVATISED firms in the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) are raising rail fares throughout Britain again - this time by up to 15% from 2 January...

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13 September 2007

Overcrowded prisons, overworked staff

BRITAIN'S PRISON officers held their first-ever national strike, mainly on pay, in August... By Iain Dalton

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26 April 2007

France: Record turnout sees Royal and Sarkozy go through to second round

THE FIRST round of the French presidential elections last Sunday left capitalist commentators in an almost jubilant mood...

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19 April 2007

Nurses' fury at cuts and attacks on jobs

NHS in crisis: NURSES AND other workers in the National Health Service are angry at cuts in the NHS...

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1 March 2007

NHS crisis: clean out the profiteers

Calling for a national demonstration in 2006 - photo Paul Mattsson

Calling for a national demonstration in 2006 - photo Paul Mattsson

THE SCANDAL of the privatisation of vital NHS services has been exposed yet again. Deaths linked to the hospital bug Clostridium difficile have risen by 69%, to 3,800 since the year 2004-2005. Deaths linked to the MRSA infection have risen by 39%, to 1,629 in the same period.

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7 December 2006

Privatised rail bosses hike up fares

FROM JANUARY, the privatised rail companies are putting up their passengers' rail fares by well over the inflation level...

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