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7 May 2008

Elections round-up and results

Wales: This year's local election results in Wales have delivered a devastating blow to Labour, writes Dave Reid, Socialist Party Wales.

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16 April 2008

Elections 2008

Lynn Worthington (left), photo Alison Hill

Lynn Worthington (left), photo Alison Hill

SOCIALIST ALTERNATIVE election canvassers are being well received on the doorsteps in Wythenshawe in Manchester, writes Lynn Worthington, Socialist Alternative candidate for Baguley ward, Manchester.

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2 April 2008

USA elections: Break with the two parties of big business!

ON 24 February, Ralph Nader declared he was running for President to challenge the corporate stranglehold over US politics, writes Philip Locker, Socialist Alternative, USA.

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14 November 2007

USA: Enthusiastic response to socialist policies

ON 6 November over 6.5% of those who voted in Boston's city (USA) council election cast their ballots for Matt Geary, the candidate of Socialist Alternative [the Socialist Party's US counterpart].... By Bryan Koulouris, Socialist Alternative (CWI, USA), Boston

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19 July 2007

USA: The case for socialised medicine

THE FOLLOWING articles appear in Justice, the newspaper of Socialist Alternative -the Socialist Party's counterpart in the USA...

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28 June 2007

USA: Protesters demand military recruiters out of schools

Below is a report of an anti-war action against military recruiters in school, which Socialist Alternative (CWI in US) played an important role in organising....

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21 June 2007

Eye-witness from the G8

DESPITE POLICE brutality and provocation, the anti-G8 protests in Germany at the start of June were a success...

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7 June 2007

Activists with ideas

HAVING SET up camp amongst the five thousand or so protesters at the international anti-G8 camp, members of the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) made their way to the starting point for the demonstration...

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17 May 2007

Baguley: Socialists are left opposition to New Labour

BEATING THE Liberals and the Greens in the 3 May elections shows support for the Socialist Party is growing in Baguley ward, Wythenshawe...

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3 May 2007

Seattle students walkout against the Iraq war

OVER 800 students walked out of schools throughout Seattle, USA, on 18 April to demand an immediate end to the Iraq war. ...

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26 April 2007

US mass shooting horror

THE SHOOTING at Virginia Tech, the worst mass shooting in modern US history, shocked people in the US and around the world...

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19 April 2007

Vote Socialist Alternative on 3 May

Where we are standing: Baguley, Manchester: Lynn Worthington...

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12 April 2007

Fight for a socialist alternative

3 May elections: 'He's just the same as Blair, he says there's a tax cut, but it's only for the rich'...

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29 March 2007

For the millions, not the millionaires

Vote Socialist, photo Alan Hardman

Vote Socialist Alternative on 3 May

THE ELECTIONS on 3 May will be the last with Tony Blair as prime minister.

Unfortunately, his policies of low pay, cuts in public services, privatisation and warmongering will continue after he goes, writes Hannah Sell.

Vote Socialist, photo Alan Hardman

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20 April 2006

A socialist alternative to privatisation

Local elections 4 May -: THE ASSERTION that the three main parties are 'all Tory parties' has been dramatically confirmed in Southwark, south London, where Socialist Party member Lois Austin is standing in the May elections...

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22 February 2006

Car workers fight layoffs

HUNDREDS WERE expected for the picket line outside Delphi Flint East, Michigan, on 16 February to protest the auto parts manufacturer's drive to lay off 24,000 workers and cut wages by 60%...

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17 November 2005

Socialism 2005: Building a socialist alternative

The 800 people that attended the Socialist Party’s Rally for Socialism were united by their horror at what modern capitalism means for billions of people and their desire to change the world...

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20 October 2005

Students are searching for a socialist alternative

University Freshers' fairs: The response to our stalls at Manchester University, Manchester Metropolitan University and Salford University was brilliant...

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22 September 2005

Fighting Bush's war machine

AS SUPPORT for Bush's imperialist adventure in Iraq continues to fall, Socialist Alternative (the Socialist Party's US counterpart) is raising the call to rebuild a mass, combative anti-war movement...

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