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TUSC against cuts

16 April 2014

Help TUSC offer a no-cuts alternative on 22 May

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition national steering committee has approved a further swathe of no-cuts candidates to stand under the TUSC umbrella in the 22 May local elections. And there is still time for more candidates to come forward

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2 April 2014

TUSC: No-cuts election challenge grows

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition national steering committee is about to approve the 440th candidate for the challenge in May's local elections. Of 160 councils with elections in May, TUSC already has candidates in place in 76. In 12 councils TUSC will be standing in at least ten seats.

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TUSC national chair, former MP and Coventry TUSC candidate Dave Nellist  photo Paul Mattsson

26 March 2014

A socialist alternative to the austerity parties

Socialists in Coventry are preparing to contest every seat in the May council elections

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21 March 2014

New leaflet: UKIP - Just another establishment party

Vote TUSC in the local elections and No2EU in the European elections: See http://www.socialistparty.org.uk/txt/316.pdf

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25 February 2014

TUSC campaigners call for rent controls

Socialist Party members will be taking part in a Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) protest outside the Landlord and Letting Show at the Barbican, London, on Wednesday 26 February from 9am

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12 February 2014

Standing up against cuts in Reading

A Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) meeting on 4 February agreed to stand candidates for upcoming local elections in Reading and Wokingham

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12 February 2014

Waltham Forest: Rally for rent control

Waltham Forest TUSC supporters and prospective candidates held our first Rally for Rent Control at a busy crossroads in the East London borough

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15 January 2014

"I'll be voting for the trade unionists"

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) supporters in Lewisham held a weekend of election campaigning on 11-12 January

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11 December 2013

Building TUSC in byelections

Liverpool: In spite of a media blackout, with the Liverpool Echo only publicising the TUSC Riverside ward candidate on election day, John Marston received 49 votes, a respectable 3.6% of the vote

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4 December 2013

London TUSC groups plan for 2014 elections

TUSC groups and committees are meeting all over London to put plans in place for the elections next year

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TUSC logo

TUSC logo

27 November 2013

Councillors: Say no to Tory cuts!

The Tories, Lib Dems, Labour and Ukip all agree that the decimation and privatisation of public services has to continue to keep their big business backers happy

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27 November 2013

TUSC byelection candidates show cuts aren't necessary

Cardiff: The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coaltion (TUSC) is standing in two 5 December Cardiff byelections, called following resignations

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20 November 2013

TUSC byelection candidates: opposing all cuts

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is contesting eight byelections over the next few weeks

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23 October 2013

TUSC candidates stand up against austerity

Nottingham: Grant Shapps said at the 2013 Conservative Party conference: "When we said [in 2010] we would reduce their budgets by 26% over four years, we were told councils would be going bust by this stage but they haven't, I think they can do another 10%."

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16 October 2013

TUSC: 2014 local elections campaign

As George Osborne announced a further 10% cut in council funding for 2015-16 in this summer's public spending review, Tory Party chairman Grant Shapps mockingly praised councillors for the 'good work' they were doing in "cutting their cloth more intelligently"

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18 September 2013

TUSC campaigners look to shake Fleetwood

Ray Smith is the prospective candidate for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) in the forthcoming Fleetwood town council byelection in Rossall Ward, writes Jane Hersey.

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14 August 2013

Building TUSC in Caerphilly

When a byelection came up in the Penyrheol ward of Caerphilly we knew we had to stand and give local people a working class alternative to Tory austerity policies and the failure of Labour and Plaid Cymru to mount any sort of resistance to Westminster's cuts agenda, writes Jaime Davies, Caerphilly TUSC byelection candidate.

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31 July 2013

Lambeth byelection: TUSC beats Ukip and Tories

'Tough decisions' and 'hard choices' seem to be the stock replies by Labour in Lambeth, south London, when questioned about their diet of endless cuts

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10 April 2013

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

In council elections in May 5% of the seats will have a fighting anti-austerity alternative on offer

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Leicester picket on the 21st strike day (22nd Feb) of around 7,000 British Gas engineers.  They are fighting against

Leicester picket on the 21st strike day (22nd Feb) of around 7,000 British Gas engineers. They are fighting against 'fire and rehire' - designed to worsen terms and conditions. Photo by Steve Score, Leicester Socialist Party

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