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9 March 2021

Stop union-busting: Reinstate Declan Clune and Moe Muhsin Manir

Two bus driver union reps have been sacked

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3 June 2020

Fight continues for safety on London buses

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that the front doors on London buses were being reopened on several routes

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15 January 2020

London bus drivers ballot to strike

Exhausted bus drivers in London are planning to strike, demanding that Transport for London (TfL) take action "to tackle chronic levels of fatigue being experienced by bus drivers."

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5 December 2018

Fatal bus crash - an avoidable tragedy

Stagecoach bosses have been let off the hook. They should have been jailed for corporate manslaughter.

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31 October 2018

Driving London's buses - a laser in the eye and a boot up the bum!

Why are drivers involved in road traffic incidents often tired? Transport for London (TfL) could ask the real bus experts - the drivers!

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28 March 2018

Aberdeen bus drivers strike against pay cuts

Aberdeen bus drivers are striking against draconian cuts to their wages and conditions by employer First Bus, writes Socialist Party Scotland.

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19 April 2017

Buses and buggies: a driver speaks

Reader's comment: Workers and poor people who use public transport shouldn't have to squabble with each other. Wheelchair users, parents with buggies and bus drivers are not enemies

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5 November 2014

Workplace news in brief

London buses: London bus drivers in the Unite union have voted in a consultative ballot by 96% in favour of taking industrial action over sector-wide pay

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Hackney bus workers stopped the busses on the 22 June 2012 London-wide bus strike , photo Paul Mattsson

Hackney bus workers stopped the busses on the 22 June 2012 London-wide bus strike , photo Paul Mattsson

4 July 2012

London buses: "This is why we're in the union"

London bus workers have shown how determined they are to win their dispute. But as we go to press bus operating companies are still refusing to pay London bus workers a 500 bonus for working during the...

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28 September 2011

Workplace news in brief

Hold tight!: Transport union RMT has protested at plans to train 60 volunteer drivers to drive rural buses on the Isle of Wight...

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18 August 2010

Workplace news in brief

London buses: The London Bus Campaign will stage a rally outside City Hall on Wednesday 15 September to oppose cuts in services, fare increases and reductions in contract prices, writes Andy Beadle.

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13 January 2010

Buses - privatisation means worse services

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has referred the UK bus industry to the Competition Commission because it has "evidence that limited competition between bus operators tends to result in higher prices and lower quality for bus users", writes Alistair Tice.

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We Want Our Buses Back, photo by Yorkshire SP

We Want Our Buses Back, photo by Yorkshire SP

6 January 2010

No more fare rises, no more cutbacks!

South Yorkshire says: 'We want our buses back': South Yorkshire public transport users have had a double whammy this new year, with the usual annual rail fare rises coupled with the latest extortionate fare rises by First Group buses - averaging an 8% increase, writes Calvin Payne, We Want Our Buses Back campaign.

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26 August 2009

Passengers want publicly owned buses

Bus passengers will not have been surprised by a recent report from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) accusing bus companies of milking public subsidies and taking advantage of the free bus passes enjoyed by the over 60s and people with disabilities, writes Calvin Payne, Sheffield.

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22 July 2009

South Yorkshire First Buses strike over pay

It was a bad week for First Bus bosses in South Yorkshire. They lost a last ditch bid to get an injunction to stop a one-day strike going ahead and then were forced to suspend planned cuts to 28 services...

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17 September 2008

London bus strike: "Showing them our power"

The first round of London bus strikes on 29 August was confined to First bus company and mainly affected north London routes, but the strike soon spread to Metro bus routes all the way south to Croydon, writes Neil Cafferky.

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17 September 2008

Pickets cheer in West London

At 7.45 am, Socialist Party members in west London went down to Westbourne Park bus garage to show solidarity with the First bus drivers on strike for better pay, writes Kevin Simpson, West London Socialist Party.

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3 September 2008

London buses: Strikers pack picket lines

I went to Westbourne Park bus garage in west London, during their strike over pay on 29 August. There are nearly 1,000 drivers at the garage and the strike there was solid. I was told that only 20 buses...

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27 February 2008

Sheffield buses campaign: 'Saving our services'

SHEFFIELD HEELEY Socialist Party members recently interviewed 50 people in Norton Lees on the state of bus services and put together demands to the City Council and Transport Executive to improve services, writes Jeremy Short

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11 January 2007

We want our buses back!

Sheffield: WITH ONLY four days after the New Year's holiday to build support for it, We Want Our Buses Back (WWOBB) campaigners in Sheffield were pleased with the 120-strong demonstration on 6 January against First's latest bus fare r...

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