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17 November 2021

Outsourced Barts health workers in strike ballot for a pay rise

Nearly 600 health workers employed at Bart's health trust, including Royal London, Whipps Cross and St

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17 November 2021

Health and care staff shortages worsened by Tory vaccine sacking threat

To add fuel to the fire of the staffing crisis in social care, the government's punitive 'no jab, no job policy' has now come into effect in England.

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17 November 2021

London MPs' second home swindle while workers and students struggle

Fourteen London MPs are renting out their homes in London in order to claim rent on their parliamentary expenses

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17 November 2021

Clarks workers fight 'fire-and-rehire' pay cut

Around 500 people gathered on the picket line of the Clarks distribution centre in Street, Somerset to show their support for the workers on an indefinite strike over the despicable 'fire-and-rehire' tactic being used by LionRock Capital, a situation that could see workers who have worked for Clar

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17 November 2021

St Mungo's report fails to address bullying and victimisation of workers

A new 'independent' report - compiled by a long-term associate of the CEO - has failed to address workers' concerns in homelessness charity St Mungo's

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17 November 2021

University bosses' pay piles up while workers are forced to strike

Ten university vice-chancellors earn over 400,000 a year. As a second year university student paying 9,250 a year, I would like to think the money is being put to good use giving me the best possible

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17 November 2021

Ten years on - where has Podemos's radicalism gone?

Pablo Iglesias - one of the founders of the Podemos party in the Spanish state and its most prominent representative - announced his resignation from politics earlier this year, the tenth anniversary of the movement of the Indignados (the 'outraged') which gave birth to the new party

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11 November 2021

CWU conference debates the union's political strategy

One of the debates was over the union's relationship with Labour

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10 November 2021

Sleaze and pay a toxic mix for Tories

"Is anybody in charge at No.10?" This was the headline in the normally Conservative-supporting Daily Mail as Tory MP Owen Paterson resigned after Boris Johnson's latest U-turn.
The somersaults and U-turns show that, despite his populism, Johnson's government, like all Tory governments, puts the bosses' profits before the interests of workers.

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10 November 2021

Sheffield bin workers strike: "End rubbish pay!"

"End rubbish pay!" was the chant outside Lumley Street depot as around 150 Sheffield bin workers, members of the GMB union, began strike action on 8 November for an above-inflation pay rise.

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10 November 2021

University workers vote for action in two disputes

University staff have voted in favour of industrial action in two disputes, paving the way for strike action in the coming months if management does not agree to improvements to pensions, pay and conditions

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10 November 2021

Harsh Tory regime for benefit claimants and workers

The Tory government is driving a harsh regime; both for those on benefits and for our PCS trade union members delivering these vital public services.

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10 November 2021

Thousands march in Glasgow and elsewhere to save the planet

Glasgow saw some of the largest political mobilisations since before Covid

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10 November 2021

Weetabix workers escalate action in crunch dispute

Workers at two Weetabix factories launched four-day strikes from 8 November in a dispute over pay and conditions.

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10 November 2021

Fight together for a pay rise

Tories under fire over sleaze and rising prices: A public sector strike on pay is brewing. And is it any wonder?

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10 November 2021

Council workers ballot on pay offer that's really a cut

My union branch undertook a survey after 12 months of lockdown. It found that two-thirds of staff were working more than the set 36 hours a week. More than half had experienced stress symptoms, and almost

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3 November 2021

Fight for socialism to end climate destruction

COP26: Zero trust in capitalist class: COP26 - the global climate summit taking place in Glasgow from 1 November - will probably agree on something. Promises to hit a 'net zero' carbon emissions target by 2050 for example.

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3 November 2021

Sudan - mass protests and general strike against coup

The Sudanese military regime is facing massive resistance. Across the country, millions have protested and gone on strike, most recently a two-day general strike that stopped the country.

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3 November 2021

COP26 begins - workers strike for pay

COP26 in Glasgow has begun with a show of working-class power.

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3 November 2021

Fight for a real wage rise for all

Tories 'era of optimism' means real-terms living standards cut: Some wages may be rising on paper, but in real terms they are falling. Analysing the budget hype, the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) reveals the truth: "High inflation, rising taxes and poor growth...

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