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Coronavirus - a workers charter , photo Socialist Party

Coronavirus - a workers charter 2020

Party document (last updated on 20/04/2020)
Coronavirus reveals the capitalist system in crisis
Workers mustnít pay the price

British Perspectives 2018

Party document as amended by Socialist Party national congress in March 2018

Perspectives for Britain 2017

Party document dated 17/03/2017

What We Stand For

Party document updated from time to time.

Perspectives for Britain 2016

Socialist Party document as amended by the 2016 party national congress

2015 Election Manifesto

Reject the austerity lies - Join the socialist fightback! (pdf opens in new window)

British Perspectives 2015

Socialist Party congress, 14-15 February 2015: This document was produced on 5th January 2015 and subsequently some amendments were incorporated during and following the 14th February congress discussion on Britain.

British Perspectives, March 2014 congress

Amended document as passed by Socialist Party national congress 2014

British Perspectives 2013: a Socialist Party congress document

Amended document as passed by Socialist Party national congress 2013

British Perspectives: a Socialist Party congress 2012 document

Socialist Party document on Britain agreed at the Socialist Party congress on 10-12 March 2012

Socialist Party election manifesto 2012, photo Paul Mattsson

Socialist Party Election Manifesto 2012

For the millions not the millionaires - vote Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition against cuts!
Party document dated 20/04/2012

British Perspectives: a Socialist Party congress 2011 document

Socialist Party document agreed at the February 2011 Socialist Party annual congress

Socialist Party manifesto 2010

Perspectives for Britain and the world 2009

Party document dated 15/02/2009

British Perspectives 2008

Party document, March 2008. This document was debated at the Socialist Party congress in March 2008 and agreed.

Previous congress documents

CWI archive of documents: www.marxist.net

Marxist debates of the 1990s: includes full text of documents exchanged in the following discussions:
The Collapse of Stalinism; Marxism and the British Labour Party - the 'Open Turn' debate; Party, Programme, Reformism and the International - the 'Scottish debate'; The Name Change debate; What Are the Causes of the Current World Capitalist Crisis?; Democratic Centralism.

New Technology and Globalisation

Can a capitalist slump be avoided? A reply to ex-Merseyside Socialist Party members by the Socialist Party executive committee. June 1999.

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triangle13 Apr Bristol North Socialist Party: The role of the state and the police

triangle14 Apr Hackney & Islington Socialist Party: Lessons of the 1921 Poplar councillors' struggle

triangle15 Apr Waltham Forest Socialist Party: Lessons of the Paris Commune for today


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Sparks protest in Cardiff

Sparks' protest in Cardiff; each week the protest has grown. Sparks are protesting nationally against the role of construction electricians being deskilled. Photo by Rachel Barwell

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