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Saturday, May 21, 2022

The Socialist issue 1151

13 October 2021

Fight for the pay rise we deserve

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The Socialist issue 1151

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We need a pay rise!

spotFight for the pay rise we deserve

spotWorkers need a pay rise

What we think

spotCynical Johnson government no friend of workers


spotPandora property speculators fuel housing crisis

spotSocial care funding needed now

spotNews in brief

Workplace news

spotWho runs Unison: lay members or the paid officials?

spotPlace Unite at the head of the anti-Tory movement

Unite policy conference 2021: It is 40 months since Unite’s last policy conference in July 2018 and, in that time, the world has been shaken about

spotOaks Park pickets vote for more strikes to defeat bullies

spotNational Education Union deputy general secretary election

spotCollege strikes continue into third week

spot60 steelworks scaffs march in second week of all-out strike

spotDVLA: Workers ballot on further strike action


spotBuild a mass working-class climate movement with socialist policies

Youth Fight for Jobs

spotHundreds march with Youth Fight for Jobs

Winter of Discontent

spotThe ‘winter of discontent’ – When workers could take no more

Campaigns news

spotHackney: Stop closure of children’s centres

On 8 October, over 50 parents, children and members of public sector union Unison protested to demand that Fernbank and Hillside children’s centres in Hackney, east London, be kept open

spotDurning Hall: Hands off our community space

spotMarch to save Stratford arts jobs from Newham Labour attacks

Readers’ opinion

spotNewcastle United takeover – no to billionaire Ashley or Saudi despots

spotRidley Road: An engaging story of fighting fascism

spotReaders’ comments


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