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TUSC 2021 election video

7 March 2021

International women's day rally video

21 November 2020

Socialism 2020 Saturday Rally

25 November 2020

Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party political secretary, spoke at the main rally of Socialism 2020, the three day event hosted by the Socialist Party, which took place on Saturday 21 November

19 June 2020

Socialist Party broadcast: veteran Weizmann Hamilton examines the ideas of the Panthers

14 June 2020

Build the housing revolution

5 June 2020

Build a movement to smash racism

29 May 2020

Organise against mass youth unemployment & university crisis

22 May 2020

Socialist Live: A new era of capitalist crisis & social turmoil

15 May 2020

What action action do we need to defend workers' safety

8 May 2020

Capitalism, crisis and class division

30 April 2020

Interview with Gary Clark, CWU branch secretary

24 April 2020

How can workers fight for PPE and workplace safety

17 April 2020

An exit strategy for the 99%!

10 April 2020

End of the corbyn era - what next for the struggle for socialism?

1 April 2020

The case for socialist planning

17 March 2020

Coronavirus - A socialist response

Socialism 2019

Gary Clarke, CWU, speaking at Socialism 2019

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TUSC 2021 election video. Vote TUSC on 6 May!

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