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1 October 2016

Corbyn Wins! But Labour's civil war continues

14 September 2016

NSSN rally and lobby of TUC

30 August 2016

Jeremy Corbyn, the Militant and the battle for a socialist programme for Labour: Peter Taaffe, general secretary of the Socialist Party

12 August 2016

Corbyn, Militant and Britain's political revolution - Hannah Sell replies to the attacks on the Socialist Party

11 August 2016

Trotskyism in the Labour Party? The Socialist Party's Peter Taaffe on BBC Radio Four's World At One

14 July 2016

#KeepCorbyn : Organise the resistance against the Blairites and the Tories

9 July 2016

National Shop Stwards Network conference, 2 July 2016: "United and implacable in opposition to austerity"

9 July 2016

Video shown at the 10th conference of the National Shop Stwards Network conference

29 June 2016

Defend Jeremy Corbyn - Defend the anti-austerity struggle! Socialist Party's Peter Taaffe

25 June 2016

How do socialists respond after the EU referendum? The Socialist Party's Hannah Sell explains

3 June 2016

London TUSC: The socialist case against the EU - Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party and Mick Cash, RMT

26 May 2016

Steel workers marched to Parliament: Socialist Party calls for 100% nationalisation: trade union leaders speak

29 April 2016

Joint demonstration of junior doctors and teachers 26 April 2016

26 April 2016

Junior doctors on picket line 26 April 2016 explain why they are on strike

19 April 2016

Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe on the BBC's Daily Politics show debating with Paul Mason about the need for revolutionary politics

18 April 2016

Socialist Party's Judy Beishon makes the Socialist case for EU exit

7 April 2016

Support for the junior doctors' strike from a 14 year-old student, interviewed by Clare Doyle, Homerton hospital picket line, 6.4.16

1 April 2016

Socialist perspectives for Britain: Hannah Sell speaking at Socialist Party congress 2016

1 April 2016

The World today from a socialist perspective: Peter Taaffe speaking at Socialist Party congress 2016

16 March 2016

National Housing demo 13 March: Butterfields won't budge - Socialist Party member Nancy Taaffe argues for an I'm Not Moving campaign

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